How To Write Letters For Guests

How To Write Letters For Guests

Purpose of Writing Personal Letters for Guests

For hosts who consider writing personal letters for guests a drag, remember doing so increases the chances of earning more five-star reviews. This is a great way to ensure a guest’s first impression of a rental is positive, getting the vacation off to a hot start! By simply taking the time to write a personal letter, a host is on the way to creating a more pleasurable experience. Do not fret if writing has never been a forte because Modern Innkeeper’s guidelines simplify the process.


What a Letter Represents

A memorable first impression can win someone over instantaneously. In this case, the first impression we are discussing is a personal letter for guests. When a host cannot be present, likely during the pandemic, a letter serves as an open-armed welcome. It proves the host values providing the best possible experience, demonstrating guests should feel at ease. Leaving all the instructions and other information in a property’s description is the expectation, but taking the time to write a letter sets a host apart from the rest.


What Should Hosts Include in a Letter?

If it makes any of the nonwriters feel better, even writers suffer from writer’s block. In fact, they are the ones who have to endure it the most, so do not feel bad if thinking of what to write in a letter is a struggle. To start off, we have listed its essential elements:


Make it Personal

No guests want greetings resembling a business letter, and they will not have trouble determining a generic message versus one tailored for them. Adopt a cordial tone that shows guests how at home they should feel!


The Particulars

Even though all the letters guests read have personal touches, it is wise for hosts to include their own contact information and rules. Leaving contact information reveals a host is there to help, and incorporating the house rules demonstrates they are important to abide by. Supplying phone numbers of places like local hospitals is a gesture guests will appreciate, too.


Highlight Details of Rental and Area

Do not assume guests remember everything from emails, messages, or other forms of communication. Reinforce what intrigued them in the first place, such as if there is a fresh fruit tree in the backyard, remind them it is safe to eat from. Something guests can use as a resource is a welcome book, a useful tool all hosts should provide.


Well Wishes

After covering all of the necessary topics, always remember to tell guests to enjoy themselves. Ultimately, they are there to have a memorable time!



To paint a clearer picture, we created a template all hosts are welcome to use when writing their letters. Keep in mind elements of it are subject to change based on the guest(s):


Welcome “guest name(s)”,

Thank you so much for booking my “listing”. I’m so happy you’re here and can’t wait for you and your family to enjoy everything this property and area have to offer!

As you check-in, please note the following:

“Include details such as WiFi information, emergency contact information, etc.”

After unpacking you realize you forgot some essentials, don’t worry! The following are provided:

List amenities stocked

Your stay at “listing” should be a memorable experience everyone in your group cherishes. At the same time, please remember the following:

“List rules”

We discussed everything there is to do, but to refresh yourselves on it, feel free to refer to the welcome book on the “location of it”. It details all the benefits, activities, and other information that will make for a great vacation! 

Always remember, I can be reached at “phone number” or “email address” for any reason.

Use this time to embrace each other’s company, explore an unfamiliar area, and make memories you’ll always have to look back on.




Writing Pays Off

Hopefully this information lessens the burden of writing letters for guests. When hosts employ this, they will see their reviews improve and calendars stay booked!