How Rental Guests Can Barbecue Safely

How Rental Guests Can Barbecue Safely

Avoid the Backyard Barbecue Being a Hazard

Vacation rentals with barbecues are automatically more desirable than those without, especially during the summer months, but they do not come without risk.

When families fire up the grill and throw burger patties and other broiled favorites on it, they most likely are not considering all of the dangers the backyard barbecue presents, but it is not their responsibility to.

It is yours, since you are the host.

The number one reason you have to bear this in mind is because keeping your guests safe is a top priority, and failing to take the necessary precautions when installing a barbecue can also put your vacation rental at risk.

To ensure your guests’ and vacation rental’s safety, Modern Innkeeper pinned down the most important safety measures to consider when setting up your barbecue.


Outdoor Use Only

This may be similar to telling someone, “Do not jump out of a car going 80 miles per hour,” but we want to make sure to get this point across: do not set up your barbecue anywhere but in an open area outside.

Seems obvious, yes, but people try to push the limits and set up barbecues in enclosed spaces, which was responsible for 32 percent of grill fires just over a decade ago.

Avoid catastrophe by finding an open outdoor space for your vacation property’s barbecue.


10-Foot Rule

Your barbecue needs to be at least 10 feet away from the:

●     Vacation rental

●     Backyard shed

●     Poolhouse

●     Or whatever other structures you have on your property

This way, if anything with the barbecue goes awry, the damage will remain isolated.


Survey the Surroundings

This sort of falls under the 10-foot rule, but includes more than just built structures.

Are there trees hanging over the grill? If so, how close are the leaves?

Is it surrounded by potted plants?

Basically ask yourself this: is there anything flammable in the barbecue’s vicinity?

If so, it is time to move some things around!


Regular Cleanings

You or a hired service need to thoroughly clean your rental’s barbecue after guests leave because if the next group of travelers use an unclean grill, a fire may start.

Accumulated fat and grease in the depths of a barbecue can both cause fires, so when it is time to clean your grill, do not only clean the cooking grates. Remove them in order to get down to the nitty gritty and wipe up any fat and grease to avoid disaster.


Provide Proper Utensils

If guests want to use your property’s grill but do not have the proper utensils to do so, they may resort to using standard kitchen utensils.

This. Is. Not. Safe!

Barbecue utensils are purposely long so grillers can keep a safe distance between them and the grill. Being too close to it when a long flame shoots up can have an ugly ending.

Just supply them with the right utensils so you do not have to worry about their limbs catching on fire.


Expect the Best, Prepare For the Worst

If you follow all of the steps listed above, you should not have to worry about your barbecue ruining your guests’ vacation; with that being said, you can never be too careful. Keep a water spray bottle and fire extinguisher near the grill at all times.

The reality of it is freak accidents are always a possibility, but this does not mean their damage has to be devastating. Equip your guests with these fire deterrents, and everything will end up being okay (maybe aside from a damaged barbecue, but think about how much worse it would have been without you thinking ahead).

Remember to mention where the spray bottle and fire extinguisher are in the welcome letter. This will prevent guests from scrambling to find either in case it is necessary, and it reinforces to always put safety first.


Barbecue Responsibly

This information is not meant to talk you out of having a barbecue at your rental property, just to remind you safety is a critical component of it!