How Many Towels Do Your Guests Need?

How Many Towels Do Your Guests Need?

Providing the Right Amount of Towels For Guests

Have you ever gone to grab your towel after a shower only to realize it wasn’t there? You consider heading to the linen closet to grab a clean towel, but that’s not ideal. And your significant other won’t grab one for you because they think your misery is funny.

If only you had enough towels in the first place.

Providing the right number of towels for guests enhances your vacation rental’s guest experience. It also prevents guests from being in a situation like the one above. Continue reading to find out how many towels you’ll need to keep of each kind at your vacation rental.


Bathroom Towels

This blog began with a traumatic post-shower story, so let’s address bathroom towels first.

According to a Modern Innkeeper survey, most travelers stay at a vacation rental for three nights. We’ll use that amount of time in our following example.

Every bathroom should have two towels for each guest. So, if your rental has two bedrooms and two bathrooms and typically hosts four people at a time, stock each bathroom with four towels. Depending on their level of activity and other factors we don’t need to talk about, each guest having two towels during their stay should do the trick. Adjust accordingly if your guests stay longer. Follow this two-towels-per-guest model for hand and face towels too.


Kitchen Towels

Guests who plan on cooking during their stay will definitely need kitchen towels, but so do the ones who prefer to eat out. That’s because accidents happen, like spilling coffee or tea, so your vacation rental’s kitchen needs to be ready for just about anything.

A two-bedroom, two-bathroom rental, which we will again say accommodates four guests (even though some of you have gotten creative with your space), should have at least four kitchen towels handy. That means hanging them on a towel rack or the oven handle. Stashing extras in a drawer would be wise too. A set like this provides your vacation rental what it needs and then some.


Pool/Beach Towels

If pools or beaches aren’t relevant to your vacation rental, feel free to scroll down to the next section. If they are, you should find this information useful.

Your vacation rental can be hundreds of miles from the beach and only have pools, but it should still have beach-sized towels because they’re functional for guests to use in the pool area.

It’s safer to have too many beach towels rather than not enough, so we advise having at least two per guest at your vacation rental. This may sound excessive (and maybe it is), but luckily, beach towels are affordable. Guests appreciate towels with bright, colorful designs, so look into getting some like this.


Washcloth Towels

The most overlooked towel of the bunch is the washcloth towel, but don’t underestimate its importance! Washcloth towels save the day when an unforeseen accident happens (which tends to happen with kids).

Find a couple like these to leave at your vacation property.


*Insert a Corny Hand Towel Saying Here*

Providing enough towels for guests is one of the little things you can do to enhance your vacation rental’s guest experience. And while having the right amount is important, so is having quality towels. Guests can tell the difference, so don’t try to take any shortcuts!