How Many Towels Do Guests Need?

How Many Towels Do Guests Need?

Providing the Right Amount of Towels For Guests

Have you ever hopped out of the shower to grab your towel and realized it was not there? 

Enter panic mode. Maybe you try to air dry as much as possible so you avoid making a mess on your way to the closet with clean towels, which is of course on the other side of the house. Or you yell for your most trustworthy roommate to grab one and hand it to you while you barely open the door. Then you find out that that roommate is not so trustworthy because instead of helping you out, your former confidant would rather sit back and watch you struggle. 

Modern Innkeeper recommends providing enough towels for guests so they do not endure a situation like this during their stay. Below you will learn about the different types of towels and how many you should provide.


Bathroom Towels

Since we began this piece with a traumatic post-shower memory, we will address bathroom towels while it is still fresh on our minds. 

According to a study we conducted, most travelers stay at a vacation rental for three nights, so we will use that as the basis. For every bathroom there should be two towels for each guest. So if your rental has two bedrooms and two bathrooms and commonly hosts four people, equip both bathrooms with a total of eight towels. Depending on their level of activity, the weather, and other factors we do not necessarily need to identify, each guest having two towels to dry off with during a three-night stay should do the trick. Adjust accordingly if your guests stay longer.

Keep in mind your guests are most likely not familiar with your property, so store the towels in the bathroom(s). That way they can access them easily, plus utilized storage space in a bathroom helps the place feel more homey! 

Follow the same guideline for hand and face towels.


Kitchen Towels

You likely do not know your guests’ exact itinerary, so you are unaware if they will be dining in or eating out more often. This is why you must prepare for anything. 

A two-bedroom, two-bathroom rental, which we will say accommodates four, even though we know some of you have gotten creative with your space, should have at least four kitchen towels at the ready. Stashing extras in some kitchen drawers is a smart move, too.

Even if your guests elect to eat out more often than at their rental, they may need towels if they make a mess of their coffee or tea, and, more importantly, the kitchen is the heart of the home! This nearly guarantees guests will at least be spending some time in there. 

A set like this provides you with what you need and then some.


Pool/Beach Towels

If pools or beaches do not exist anywhere in your rental’s vicinity, feel free to head to the next section. If they do, pay attention! 

Even if all your area has are pools, ensure the towels you provide are beach-sized. That way they can set them down to lay out on.

Guests love having an excessive amount of towels for the pool or beach at their disposal, so we advise you have at least 10 readily available at your rental. While this sounds excessive and wasteful, maybe it is, beach towels are affordable, and guests are not as concerned about their quality (for the indoor towels, they are!), so you can invest in some cost-friendly options here.

Guests appreciate towels with bright, colorful designs, so have fun with it! 


Washcloth Towels

The most overlooked of the bunch, washcloth towels can come in clutch! When something unforeseen happens, like a messy spill or a muddy dog stampedes into the house, washcloth towels are there to save the day.

Find a couple like these to leave at your vacation property.


*Insert Corny Hand Towel Saying Here*

Guests having enough towel inventory to tap into during their stay is one of the little things that will make their trip more enjoyable. Come through on this, and see how much more your guests will appreciate you!