How Hosts Can Keep Guests Healthy During Holiday Travel Season

How Hosts Can Keep Guests Healthy During Holiday Travel Season

The novel coronavirus has resulted in a litany of travel restrictions, precautions, and more unprecedented changes to how people are accustomed to not only traveling but living. Now that the world has been quarantined for approximately nine months, people are longing to see loved ones during the holiday season. This is why it is more important than ever hosts ensure guests stay healthy during the holiday travel season by establishing their accommodations are conducive to the changes COVID-19 has caused them to implement.

To guarantee rentals align with the appropriate safety measures so they will continue to receive bookings, Modern Innkeeper compiled a list for hosts to check off so they can reap the benefits of another busy holiday season:

Demonstrate Spaces Are Clean and Sanitized

Rightfully so, travelers are paying closer attention to how thorough hosts are when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing their spaces. Before advertising how a rental abides by the necessary guidelines, confirm it was cleaned and sanitized correctly by researching what the Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends. Once hosts have properly executed these, their descriptions can advertise how their rentals are safe for guests to enjoy!

Be Transparent About Local Restrictions

Restrictions vary depending on where hosts are located. California recommends people should avoid non-essential travel, but Florida has no statewide travel restrictions. The point being, restrictions differ state to state. It is highly recommended hosts include these details in their descriptions and stay current on the evolving situation by checking sites like CNN’s Travel page, which details states’ stipulations.

Modify Cancellation Policies

The uncertainty that comes with COVID-19 is responsible for postponing and cancelling plans. Because of this, it is paramount hosts adapt their cancellation policies to the pandemic. Just because someone’s plan in early December is to go see family in another state to ring in 2021, which cannot come soon enough for some, does not mean those plans will remain intact until the trip is just around the corner. Whether it is because of new restrictions, a positive case in the family, or another reason, hosts allowing guests to alter their plans without incurring late fees is crucial to drive bookings. Another plus to showcasing flexible cancellation policies is it makes rentals more prone to getting booked!

Temporarily Hide Listings if Impacted by COVID-19

Coronavirus’ influence is vast and is capable of affecting people and their homes in numerous ways. If there is an uptick of cases in the area or a host is notified a previous guest recently tested positive for the virus, the best course of action is to make the property temporarily unavailable. Until hosts can promise their properties will not potentially harm guests, their rentals should not be accessible. This frees hosts of any fault, but most importantly, it signals they are prioritizing the health of their guests by disallowing the further spread of COVID-19.

Wear Masks and Social Distance

By this point, wearing masks and social distancing is ingrained in us; however, how vital they are to containing the virus and keeping people safe is as essential as ever. With the recent surge in cases, these simple action steps not only combat the pandemic, but also prove to guests hosts genuinely care about their safety. When guests observe their hosts practicing these painless procedures, it confirms their hosts are cognizant of what the world is experiencing and, of course, the health of their guests.

In addition to utilizing these tips, hosts should ventilate their properties and adjust how many guests can stay there at a time. Having fresh Moden Innkeeper products for guests to use during their holiday getaways is another way to showcase hosts are doing everything in their power to provide health-conscience environments. Guests knowing these modifications have been made will provide them with the assurance they need to book trips! The only way to beat the virus is for everyone to work together and continue reminding themselves each precaution taken benefits others. Remaining committed to beating this virus is how individuals across the country will be able to enjoy this year’s holiday season.