How Flooring Affects The Guest Experience

How Flooring Affects The Guest Experience

4 Floor Trends That Enhance Your Rental

Keeping up with design trends ensures your vacation rental remains current. Shows provide inspiration, but ultimately, you choose what to include.

And what you decide to do with your rental’s flooring plays a huge role in this.

Flooring affects guests’ perception of your property. It can make a room feel peaceful, but also make it feel overwhelming with any outdated and way-too-many-colors-and-patterns flooring.

So you know how to capitalize on this, Modern Innkeeper listed the benefits guests will experience from four popular floor trends.


Durable Vinyl

The pandemic made people realize they do not have to go out to enjoy themselves (as long as there are fun activities to do). As wonderful as this is, it does increase the likelihood of mishaps.

Especially at a vacation rental.

With loads of people coming and going and spending a significant amount of time at your place, investing in durable vinyl flooring is a great option.

Durable vinyl is a win-win because it can endure what your guests throw at it (not literally, we hope) and is aesthetically pleasing. Resembling wood and boasting wide planks adds an elegant flair to the room, and it is compatible with other décor.

Durable vinyl is waterproof, too, so if your property has a pool or is near a body of water, there is no need to worry about guests dragging some of that inside.



How rapidly design trends progress makes them harder to keep up with. So, when you do get around to reflooring, select one that can stand the test of time.

Like concrete-look flooring.

More and more homes are adopting a modern look, and concrete-look flooring’s color (usually gray) and texture suit it perfectly. This combination adds pristiness to the space and has a cooling effect.

Concrete-look flooring works anywhere, but if your rental is in a warm-weather location, seriously consider adding it.

Your guests will appreciate it after a hot day under the sun.



Hosts with linoleum in their kitchen and avocado green carpet in their bedrooms are (or should be) scrambling to give their property a makeover.

The ones with hardwood flooring are kicking back with their feet up and a big smile on their face.

Still one of the most popular flooring options, hardwood continues to be classy. Originally meant for luxurious homes before its popularity skyrocketed, hardwood’s posh reputation has remained intact. This qualifies it as a great option if your guests desire a more opulent vacation.

Further proof people still value hardwood floors is how they increase a home’s value.

Note hardwood requires more maintenance than the types of flooring above because the following damage it:

●     Pets’ nails

●     Furniture

●     Liquid

●     Debris (such as dirt dragged in)

●     Sun exposure

Consider who your guests are before deciding whether hardwood floors are a fit for your property!



Similar to hardwood, carpet is a traditional flooring option still in style. However, it has evolved.

The days of crazy-colored carpet, like the aforementioned avocado green, are over. Instead, it is trending towards neutral colors:

●     Gray

●     Beige

●     Nude

Hosts should love this because neutral colors create a relaxed atmosphere, and guests will find it visually restful.

Perfect for making the bedrooms cozy.

Most guests, in part, seek a vacation to escape the stressors of day-to-day life, and much of this starts with a bedroom conducive to quality sleep.

Put in neutral-colored carpet in the bedrooms so they return home rested.


Laying the Foundation

Guests’ perception of your vacation rental takes shape upon walking in, and what they walk on heavily influences this.

Check out these examples to begin brainstorming, and be sure to choose flooring that reflects how you want guests to feel throughout their trip!