How Coffee Table Books Improve The Guest Experience

How Coffee Table Books Improve The Guest Experience

Table Books are More Than Just Decor

Coffee table books are decorative items in places like hotel lobbies, and since your living room should feel like a lobby, getting some books for your coffee table can help create this atmosphere.

Books can do more than just complement your rental’s interior decor. A writer for Architectural Digest’s “Clever” blog talked to some psychologists to learn more about their purpose, and now, Modern Innkeeper is going to help you use her findings to benefit your rental’s guest experience.


Showcase Personality

One psychologist said coffee table books reflect their owner’s identity. For instance, someone who loves pottery will most likely have a book about pottery on his or her coffee table at home.

With that being said, you’re doing this for your vacation rental, not your home. So, your property’s books should reflect its brand.

This goes back to making sure your vacation rental has a brand identity, which includes factors like your property’s location and style. Whatever those are, ensure the books you decide on match them because, when done correctly, they can help your guests embrace everything your rental has to offer.

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Create Conversation or Spark an Idea

Typically, books for coffee tables have big enough pictures that multiple people in the room can look at them at the same time, making them great icebreakers.

Chances are, your guests already know each other well, so they won’t need an icebreaker to feel comfortable, but it may help them decide what they should do next.

For example, if your property’s location is somewhere known for having great craft beer breweries, one of your coffee table’s books should showcase this!

When guests gather round in your living-room-turned-lobby, they’ll have an easier time deciding what their next adventure should be.


Inspire Positive Emotions

Many travelers vacation so they can hit the reset button and relax, hence why your vacation rental should have wellness benefits for guests.

An additional way to improve their wellness is to have quality books on your coffee table because the right ones can help guests feel positive emotions. According to a psychologist in “Clever’s” blog, the imagery can:

●     Make people feel positive towards others

●     Inspire creativity

●     Benefit cognitive performance

●     Lead to curiosity

The more positive guests feel during their stay, the more they’ll enjoy it.


Ditch the Digital World

Another plus of having quality books on your rental’s coffee table is it gets guests off their devices. Fightsong Studio says book provide a “tactile experience,” something people crave when they need a break from their screens.

Having these available gives guests an alternative to aimlessly scrolling through their devices when they’re laying low.



Which Books Work for Your Property?

The books you need for your living room’s/lobby’s coffee table depends on your property’s brand. Therefore, recommendations aren’t a one-size-fits-all type of thing.

You’ll have to do a little research to see which ones will work for yours, and this list is a great place to start. It has the 26 best coffee table books of all time, according to designers.

Way to be stylish and on brand.


Decorate With Purpose

Books on your coffee table play a significant role towards your vacation rental’s guest experience. Take your time deciding the ones best for yours, and see how they can impact your guests’ vacation.