Hosts Setting Goals For 2021

Hosts Setting Goals For 2021

Planning for the New Year

Overall, 2020 was a year everyone would like to forget. Whether it was discovering alternative methods to see loved ones or attracting travelers to rental properties, it had its fair share of challenges. Now that it is in the rearview mirror, planning for this year starts. Modern Keeper wants hosts setting goals for 2021 to know how the industry is changing, and how they can change with it.


How People will Travel

Even when the pandemic is over, travelers’ habits will not necessarily revert back to what they were before coronavirus struck. Since the entire industry will have to adapt, it is important for hosts to be aware of these trends.


Remote Locations will be Desirable

In order to adjust to the circumstances, travelers began seeking out less populated destinations. Dense cities became less intriguing, and rural towns became the preferred option. As we start the year with many restrictions still in place, this will remain constant.


Working on the Go

Countless businesses in a variety of industries are allowing employees to work from home, effectively establishing a new norm in the workforce. Since up to 25 percent of Americans will work remotely in 2021, expect people to become antsy and want to operate out of places besides their homes, such as rental properties in a new town!


Driving Beats Flying

Before COVID-19, many travelers preferred flying over driving, but now, 62 percent of them say they will drive instead of fly. Similar to hosts with rentals in remote locations, hosts with rentals far from airports should expect an increase in interest and bookings.

With this information handy, it is time to narrow down what hosts should strive for this year.


Goals for Hosts

In order to make the most out of their goals, hosts must ensure they align with the direction the industry is going.


Pay Closer Attention to Compliance

In an effort to regain some normalcy, some travelers think vacationing in rentals in a remote town is a way to dodge certain rules and regulations. To discourage this, it is vital hosts do everything in their power to reinforce these restrictions and even self-regulate their properties:

  • Emphasize in the description how imperative it is guests adhere to imposed restrictions.

  • Print and leave them out somewhere guests will see.

  • Reinforce the seriousness in the welcome letter.

Without being invasive, hosts can use NoiseAware to monitor the decibel volume in their properties to prevent guests from hosting large gatherings during their stays.


Improve Amenities

When people travel without actually taking any time off work, it is important rentals possess as many amenities as possible so guests feel at home. Yes, this does include more than just a reliable WiFi connection. To blow off steam, people may enjoy some physical activity after work, so stock up on sporting equipment. Create a cozy environment by supplying all of the amenities travelers would have if they weren’t working in a new town, increasing their comfortability and earning more five-star reviews!


Maintain and Promote Cleanliness

Knowing people are taking extra precautions when they travel, prioritize maintaining and promoting the additional steps taken for the benefit of their safety:

Taking these necessary action steps proves to guests their health is important, something hosts should not be shy about or take lightly.


Ringing in the New Year

Like every other industry, hosting underwent changes in 2020. To prepare for 2021, set the right goals to stay ahead of the curve and continue creating experiences travelers will never forget!