Hosting Valentine’s Day: 5 Ways To Prepare

Hosting Valentine’s Day: 5 Ways To Prepare

Cueing Cupid

Picture yourself in line at the grocery store in front of a person anxiously waiting to pay for a bouquet of flowers and card, Valentine’s Day morning. If you have been in a similar predicament, you can relate to how stressful that is. No matter who you are in that situation, we all know putting off planning Valentine’s Day is a recipe for disaster. Since one of your guests might already be in the dog house for this, lend them a helping hand by equipping your rental for a, hopefully, romantic weekend. How to prepare for Valentine's Day requires hosts to modify their approach in order to set the mood for a lovestruck vacation guests will forever remember. Continue reading to learn more about the five ways Modern Innkeeper recommends going about this.


Collaborate with Local Businesses

Working alongside local businesses in your rental’s surrounding area should be commonplace, but if it is not, Valentine’s Day weekend is the perfect time to start! Like every other holiday, businesses implement new methods to incentivize potential customers. Depending on the business, it could be anything from a restaurant providing free dessert to a winery offering a complimentary glass of wine after purchasing a bottle of its seasonal pinot noir. Whatever they are, find out so you can inform your guests about these promotions.


Embrace the Special Weekend

When holidays land on a weekend it makes life a little easier. It eliminates the worry of having to confirm you can take an extended amount of time off work and elongates the holiday, and in 2021, Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday! This fortunate occurrence allows hosts to market the entire weekend, effectively enhancing the guest experience. When suggesting intimate activities in the area, you will not feel as limited because you have more time to work with. Create an itinerary that stretches over the span of a few days and presents guests with plenty of options to celebrate their love!


Package Deal

With pandemic induced restrictions still in place in some states, people are searching for any reason to experience some new scenery, and what better time to do that than on Valentine’s Day! Couples traveling for the holiday is a good sign for hosts, but it does increase the level of competition. To stand out from the rest, design and promote an enticing Valentine’s Day package that allures guests to your rental. Some of what you can include are:

  • Flowers

  • Bottle of wine

  • Chocolate

  • Candles

  • Greeting card

Executing this demonstrates to guests you went above and beyond to ensure their celebration of love could be as momentous as possible!


Include the Single Folks

Of course we cater to couples’ needs so they can enjoy Valentine’s Day, but remember, single people have feelings too! Around this time of year, single people utilize the time to celebrate their, well, singleness. So you do not accidentally discriminate against potential guests, your description should include your rental’s regular attractions, such as its outdoor activities, so travelers in this category do not assume lovebirds are the only ones welcomed to your rental in the middle of February.



Redecorating your rental for this day of love is a perfect way to create an ambiance a head-over-heels couple can immerse themselves in. By no means are you required to go all out and blow your monthly budget on new decor; instead, focus on the little things, as those are what really generate a lovey-dovey atmosphere:

  • Place rose petals on the bed.

  • Stock up on shower and/or bath amenities.

  • Set the dining room table up for a romantic dinner for two.

  • Gift guests cozy bathrobes they can enjoy their mornings and evenings in (maybe afternoons, too).

Post pictures of your lovely set up in order for guests to begin envisioning themselves spending the holiday at your rental, and if decorating is not your strong suit, check out these examples.


Hosting Wholeheartedly 

To sell your destination as the best option for Valentine’s Day, employ these methods so your rental stands out. Not only will it imprint a weekend spent at your property as one of the most memorable Valentine’s Days ever, but your extra efforts may get someone out of the dog house!