Hosting The Super Bowl ‘21

Hosting The Super Bowl ‘21

Preparing for the Big Game

Some households consider Super Bowl Sunday more important than national holidays. Unlike the latter, you do not feel obligated to invite the aunt who always gifts you some unknown object you feign being grateful for over for the big game. It validates throwing a big party on a day of the week typically dedicated to mentally preparing for Monday. If your diet is due for a cheat day, Super Bowl Sunday is the ultimate opportunity to indulge. Even if your team is not playing on the biggest stage, or you do not understand the rules of the contest, the Super Bowl remains an ideal opportunity to throw a party. In order to prepare your vacation rental so guests enjoy gameday, Modern Innkeeper has identified the essentials so hosting the Super Bowl is properly executed!


No Unnecessary Penalties

With COVID-19 protocols still in place, many states are still not allowing large gatherings. This unfortunately hinders America’s honorary holiday, limiting how many attendees can congregate in one place. However, this does not erase the possibility of hosting a party; maybe the state your vacation rental is in is more lax about social distancing. Wherever it is, adhere to your state’s rules and regulations, found here, and communicate them to your guests so you do not get yourself thrown out of the game.


Create Separation

One of your vacation rental’s perks is it provides more space than the hotel your guests were contemplating staying at. Since a Super Bowl party is largely a sedentary event, the game plus the halftime show lasts for roughly four hours, your vacation rental must be conducive to allowing guests to gather around the biggest television for an extended period of time. If this means rearranging the existing furniture or providing some additional folding chairs, ensure your guests will be comfortable. Leaving them to fend for themselves will lessen their enjoyment and could earn you an unfavorable review.


Food Regimen

The main priority of a Super Bowl party host is providing enough food for all of the hungry spectators. Although you will not be there, do not alleviate yourself of this responsibility. Assume your guests are most likely in an unfamiliar environment and do not know where they should purchase food. Relieve them of this stressful predicament and supply them with the following:

  • Recommend the best pizzerias in town and include their contact information.

  • Make them aware of the nearest place selling disposable essentials (plastic utensils, paper plates, etc.).

  • List the best specialty stores (butcher shop or organic market).

  • Include the names and contact information of the best caterers in town.

  • Spoil them by stocking up on condiments and other vital ingredients (ketchup, seasonings, etc.).

To inspire their inner chef, empower them with the best Super Bowl recipes that will keep everyone on the sideline full and happy!


In-Game Adjustments

Football enthusiasts and those who do not understand why players sometimes throw the ball and other times they kick it look forward to the Super Bowl because it provides more entertainment than just the game itself. Viewers can count on a memorable halftime show, and it is the only broadcast people watch in part because of the commercials. There are also at-home games that add intrigue to the matchup. To contribute this to the party, here is an expansive list of games you can set up prior to their arrival.


Last Minute Preparations

Since you know exactly what your guests will be up to, at least on Sunday, ensure the following:

  • Confirm the WiFi and/or cable are working properly.

  • Double check on the functionality of the appliances.

  • Equip the kitchen with cooking necessities (casserole dishes, large chip bowls, etc.).

  • Reinforce to guests the house rules and state’s COVID-19 regulations.

Pay extra close attention to the details for this weekend because by the time kickoff comes around, there will not be another opportunity to change the playbook!


Host Until the Whistle Blows

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the most highly anticipated days of the year. While guaranteeing a competitive game is out of your control, you can dial up all the right plays to put your guests in a position to enjoy one of the best Super Bowl parties they have ever been to.