Hosting Corporate Retreats Can Grow Your Business

Hosting Corporate Retreats Can Grow Your Business

The Value of Hosting a Company Retreat

It’s well known the workplace has experienced significant change the last couple of years.

The most notable being 25 percent of workers could work remote by the end of 2022. As a result, companies aren’t using offices as much.

They also aren’t using hotels or resorts for a company retreat as often.

According to Forbes, companies are booking their retreats at vacation rentals instead. This is where you fit in. Opening up your vacation rental for company retreats can create an opportunity for you to find your niche and build your brand.


Is it Worth Having a Retreat-Ready Vacation Rental?

Hosting a company retreat may require you to change some of your hosting practices (more on that shortly). Modern Innkeeper knows this isn’t always easy, but it could be worth doing. Forbes shared that AvantStay, a vacation home rental agency based in West Hollywood, California, saw corporate retreat bookings increase 429 percent from 2019 to 2022.

There’s no doubt the demand exists. It’s just a matter of showing companies why your vacation rental is the place for their next retreat.


How to Host Company Retreats

Hosting a company is different from hosting a family. One obvious difference is there won’t be children to entertain at a company retreat. But there is one similarity to keep in mind: you must create a guest experience that puts your guests/company’s employees in the right state of mind.

“When employees feel that their mental health is prioritized through a retreat, they feel more willing to contribute to the goals of the company and expend more energy. A retreat also allows employers to learn more about their staff and how best to relate to them in the workplace,” - Betterteam

Below are some ways you can help employees reach their potential.


Establish a Workspace

The modern-day vacation rental guest may not entirely be in vacation mode. Maybe they booked your place so they could work from somewhere else for a few days.

But if you’re hosting a company retreat, you can expect your guests to work (or at least pretend). Establishing a workspace can make companies realize your vacation rental is where they should have their retreat. The following are amenities companies may look for when booking a retreat:

●     Dependable WiFi

●     Desks

●     Outlets

●     TVs computers can connect to


Prioritize Wellness

Helping guests improve their wellness can help them reach their potential as an employee. Installing a Japanese Zen garden can increase their concentration and relieve their stress. Plants also have wellness benefits, such as the snake plant protecting its space from negative energy. Quality bathroom amenities also have the power to improve mental and physical wellness.

Your vacation rental should cater to guests’ wellness as much as possible. They’ll thank you for making them feel their best, and their boss will thank you for increasing their productivity.


The Work Dinner

An AvantStay client mentioned how nice it was their concierge stocked their fridge and had a private chef cook their group dinner when talking about their retreat was “seamless.” Helping your guests enjoy work dinners during their retreat can enhance their overall experience.

And you don’t need a private chef to do this. Offer them some local restaurant recommendations, and leave them some foods that will complement your vacation rental’s local cuisine.


Physical Activity

Employees can use retreats as a time to bond with their colleagues. A potential way to do this is to engage in some physical activity. Providing outdoor equipment can give them an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors together. Also recommend other activities they can do in the area, like a hike or a gym they can use.

Physical activity can help them clear their heads and return to the makeshift conference table at your vacation rental with better ideas for their company’s future.


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