Holiday Vacation Rental Bookings: How to Drive More

Holiday Vacation Rental Bookings: How to Drive More

Guests who travel during the holiday season may be looking for something different than other times of the year. What does that mean for hosts? Well, since you’re all about enhancing the guest experience, you’ll have to show guests you have the ultimate holiday vacation rental!

Winter-themed decorations can help (getting too holiday specific could potentially turn guests away), but guests aren’t going to be able to see your efforts before arriving. So, the question is how can you let guests know your vacation rental is where they want to spend the holidays?

Modern Innkeeper has your answer.

Post Holiday-Themed Photos

Your property’s photos have to do your vacation rental justice year-round. Otherwise, you risk having an empty calendar. No matter the season, photos are a top-selling tool because they draw guests to listings. In fact, the likelihood guests inquire about a property increases 83 percent if there are over 20 photos, according to a FlipKey study.

With this in mind, let’s talk about how you can use it to your advantage during the holidays. People searching for a place to stay should come across your vacation rental and be able to picture themselves staying there. During the holidays, you can encourage this by updating your photos with ones that show your vacation rental this time of year.

If your vacation rental becomes a winter wonderland, upload photos to your listing! They might be what makes guests decide they want to spend their white Christmas there.

If there’s a big New Year’s Eve event nearby, upload some photos of it to your listing. They can show guests what to look forward to if they end 2022 and start 2023 there.

Guests like visuals. Give them what they want and show them ‘tis the season at your vacation rental.

Describe What Makes Your Vacation Rental Special

A well-written description is your opportunity to detail how your vacation rental is the place to stay during the holidays. Think of your vacation rental’s description as something that complements your photos. If you have photos showing a winter wonderland, describe that winter wonderland in your vacation rental’s description!

Any way you can help guests envision making special holiday memories there can help keep your calendar full during the most wonderful time of the year.

Show Off Reviews

The beautiful thing about showing off your vacation rental’s reviews is past guests will brag for you. Dig up any reviews from guests who stayed at your vacation rental during the holidays. Post them on your social media accounts or highlight them on your listing’s page. They can prove to holiday travelers celebrating the holidays at your vacation rental is a jolly ol’ time.

Additional Strategies to Drive Holiday Bookings

A lot goes on during the holidays. Many travelers are already trying to juggle the hecticness of it all, such as shopping for gifts, getting their families from point A to point B, etc. Show them your vacation rental can make their lives easier during the holidays:

●     Let them know they don’t need to pack amenities because you already have the essentials

●     Consider decreasing minimum night requirements so they can more easily fit a trip in their budget.

●     Provide them with suggestions about holiday-themed activities to do in your vacation rental’s locality so they don’t have to do as much planning.

The holidays are a significant time of year for many. Help your guests make the most of it by delivering them with a guest experience they’ll always remember.

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