Holiday Dining Checklist For Your Rental

Holiday Dining Checklist For Your Rental

Hosting a Proper Holiday Feast

For the first time in nearly two years, people can celebrate the holidays gathered around a big kitchen table with their loved ones. This sets the stage for you, the host, to have an all-time performance creating a festive atmosphere for your guests and their friends and family.

Because it’s been so long, the anticipation of this holiday season is higher than usual, and even though your guests will be traveling, they still expect to enjoy a proper holiday feast at your vacation rental.

So, take the initiative to provide what they need to savor a home-cooked meal during this special time of year.


Nonfood Items

Around the holidays, people believe the inner chef that lies deep within them will come out. This is how you allow them to continue chasing that dream.


Large Roasting Pan

Turkey is the go-to entrée for holiday dinners. It feeds loads of people, and the chef likes telling everyone theirs is the best they will ever have.

Let your guests show off to (or disappoint) who they are celebrating with by providing a large roasting pan they can cook it in.


Large Stove-Top Pot

A large meal requires large cookware, so make sure the stove-top pot you have can handle it!

That way, guests can sauté vegetables or another side for the entire table at once.


Meat Thermometer

Even though it might hurt their pride, holiday chefs should utilize a meat thermometer to confirm what they are cooking is edible (a finished turkey is 150 to 165 degrees).

Hide this cheat code in a kitchen drawer for them.


Carving Knife Set

Cutting that turkey with anything else will be far too difficult. Invest in a quality carving knife set that will help guests look the part and get the job done!


Baking Sheet

Instead of sautéing vegetables, maybe your guests want them roasted. Check to make sure your property has a baking sheet, preferably rimmed, to do this.


Cutting Boards

Meat, vegetables, bread.

Those are just some of the foods guests will need a cutting board for, so getting multiple may be smart.


Place Settings

Guests may expect the items listed above, but you can still pleasantly surprise them with festive place settings!

These options are under $20 and embrace the holiday spirit, enhancing the guest experience we harp on so much.

Just remember to include the plates, utensils and glasses. Having a meal without those could get tricky.



Despite how delicious their holiday dinner is, odds are guests won’t finish it. So leftovers don’t end up in the trash, get a Tupperware set.

Doing so provides them lunch for the next few days.



Holiday dinners should have fresh ingredients; with that being said, there are some you can get before guests arrive.



Remember when Modern Innkeeper recommended having sage at your vacation rental during the holidays?

Well, this is why! Keep a sage plant around for guests to throw in their stuffing, whether it is homemade or not.


Stuffing Mix

Maybe the chef had to put all their energy towards roasting a mouthwatering turkey, and didn’t have the bandwidth to make the stuffing.

But that’s okay, because you saved the day by providing some stuffing mix to throw on the large stove-top pot!

Their special touch will be the fresh sage they sprinkle in.



Quality liquor, like cognac and brandy, effectively deglazes pans used to cook gravy. Using either adds a distinct, flavorful taste the sauce otherwise wouldn’t have.

Plus, they are nice to drink.



Do some holiday feast recipes include wine in them? Probably, but that isn’t why it’s on Modern Innkeeper’s checklist.

The adults in the room will appreciate some wine (local if possible) to accompany their meal, and you’ll be doing the chef a favor by putting everyone in a cheery mood, no matter how the food turns out.


Host the Season

Prove to guests who chose to celebrate the holidays at your vacation rental they made the right decision by providing them everything they need to enjoy their feast.