Help Guests Enjoy The Beach And Increase Revenue

Help Guests Enjoy The Beach And Increase Revenue

The Value of Beach Amenities

It’s no secret being by the beach or another body of water can boost your vacation rental’s appeal. A prime location near the water can help you provide a unique guest experience exclusive to your place.

Offering beach amenities, or amenities appropriate for the nearest body of water, can add value to your vacation rental and help increase revenue. Guests everywhere are looking for vacation destinations that offer value-added amenities like these, according to CoStar’s “Hotel News Now,” so, you might as well give guests what they already want!

Modern Innkeeper wants to help you increase your revenue and enhance your guest experience by suggesting extra amenities and services you can include in your nightly rate or as add-on revenue generators.


All-Inclusive Rate Amenities

A vacation rental near the water should have amenities guests can use at no extra charge. After all, being so close to the water most likely helped your guests pick your vacation rental.

You might as well let them enjoy it!

Here are some amenities your vacation rental should come with if it’s near water:

●     Umbrella

●     Towels

●     Beach chairs

●     Sand castle kit

●     Drink cooler

●     Sunscreen

●     Bicycles

●     Paddle sport equipment

Some of these amenities cost more than others. Before you let a hefty price tag discourage you, consider how beneficial having these amenities available is in the long run (they could lead to repeat bookings).


Add-On Revenue Generators

While you should include some amenities in your vacation rental’s nightly fee, others should help you generate extra revenue. These amenities, or experiences, should be more exclusive, ones guests don’t come by every day.

A good example is the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa in Huntington Beach, California offering the “Mermaid Magic” experience. Mermaid Flower, Huntington Beach’s local mermaid, comes to the Hyatt’s main pool once a week to teach adults and kids to swim like her. They pay an extra fee to put on tails and learn how to swim like a mermaid.

Not everyone has access to a local mermaid, however, you can still offer your guests extra amenities or experiences that can earn you some extra cash.



Finding guests a local guide can help familiarize them with your vacation rental’s locality.

But what if your guests just want someone to take them to the best spots on the beach, like a hidden local gem most tourists don’t know about?

They don’t want an organized tour but want reliable transportation that will fit them and the beach amenities they bring.

Since you know your vacation rental’s area better than anyone, maybe you can do it yourself for an extra cost, or take a fee for setting up their transportation with a third party.


Boat Rides

The tricky part about this is you, at the very least, need access to a boat. If you have that, you can offer them something most hosts probably can’t.

Getting guests on the water can be the highlight of their trip, and make you more money. Offer to take them out on the water for an extra fee that covers your expenses, like gas, and time.

As the captain, make sure the kids have enough sunscreen on and parents have enough in the drink cooler.


Paddle Sport Lessons

It’s likely not all of your guests know how to use a kayak or other paddle sport equipment. But if you do, you can be both your guests’ host and paddle sport instructor!

Let them know they can come to you for a paddle sport equipment lesson. Of course, your time isn’t free. Come up with a price you believe is fair and let them know what learning from the expert will cost them.


Make More Money and Guests Happy

These three suggestions are exactly that, just suggestions. Offer whichever add-on revenue generators you can come up with to your guests, and see if you can increase your profits.

Also remember how valuable the beach amenities you don’t charge extra for are. Having them available could enhance the guest experience and influence guests to book another stay in the future.


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