Help Guests Enjoy Rain On Vacation

Help Guests Enjoy Rain On Vacation

Health Benefits of Rain

Fall is here and many parts of the country are cooling down. The leaves are changing, sweaters are coming out, and it's beginning to rain. Your vacation rental’s summer activities are coming to an end, but a little rain shouldn’t stop guests from booking your place.

Afterall, there are health benefits of rain. Rain’s predictable sound soothes and guides us to a relaxed state of mind by altering the brain’s neural pathways. Walking in the rain can speed up our metabolism. It also cleans the air.

You can’t make your guests walk in the rain, but you can help them enjoy the sound of rain’s mental health benefits. Let’s explore how.


Set Up a Rain Chain

A rain chain is an alternative option for a gutter. Instead of just flowing down a gutter and hitting the ground, rain makes pleasant, soothing sounds as it trickles down a rain chain. A rain chain can have square cups, round cups, link chains or certain garden themes. Whichever you choose from the over 150 designs available can help your guests enjoy a relaxed state of mind.

Setting up your rain chain outside of your vacation rental’s coffee or tea station or another place guests will spend time can help them experience the beautiful sounds and health benefits of rain.


Other Rainy-Day Activities

The rain also serves as a reminder that it’s okay to take it easy. Just because your guests are on vacation doesn’t mean they need to be on the go the whole time. Here are some activities guests can enjoy during the rain and still get the most out of their trip, no matter how wet it is outside.



Whether guests like winging it or following a recipe, cooking requires creativity. This can positively impact their mental health and be a great way to spend rainy days.

Cooking during vacation may not sound appealing to all your guests, but you can make it exciting.

Encourage cooking by providing the necessary kitchen supplies and recommending locally-inspired dishes. Leaving guests certain recipes could inspire their inner chef. Be sure to also let them know where to get the ingredients (butcher shop, local co-op, etc.), too.



Like cooking, baking requires creativity. And what better time to indulge than on vacation? Especially on a rainy day!

Baking can be a high-risk, high-reward endeavor. Your guests can end up with either something delicious or something that doesn’t resemble food. In case what they bake is closer to the latter, leave some ice cream in the freezer so they can satisfy their sweet tooth.



Reading strengthens the brain by working circuits and signals, according to this study, hence how it’s beneficial for one’s mental health. Create an inviting reading nook where guests can spend a rainy day (setting it up near a window by your rain chain would be a nice touch).

Don’t forget to leave them some books to read, too!


Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are lovely for a rainy day because the entire family can do them together. They occupy children and improve their mental health by:

●     Boosting brain productivity

●     Relieving stress

●     Instilling confidence

●     Strengthening empathy

Adults experience the same mental health benefits, on top of having fun and spending quality time with their children. Here is a list of arts and crafts all ages can find fun.


Spa Day

The kids are finally napping after spending a rainy afternoon baking. Just like they do at home, they made a mess in the kitchen and left their parents to clean it. Mom and Dad are deserving of a break, and what better way to give them one than by helping them enjoy an at-home spa day?

Supply the following so they can bask in the peace and quiet:

●     Scented soap

●     Candles

●     Bath salt

●     Facial pad

●     Quality bathroom towels

●     Robes

●     Slippers

Hearing rain trickle down the rain chain while they pamper themselves will remind them they’re on vacation.

At least until the kids wake up.


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