Guest Interview: Eliza Montgomery

Guest Interview: Eliza Montgomery

Eliza recently stayed at Whispering Pines Cabin in Lake Tahoe, California. She was generous enough to briefly speak to us about her trip. Below is our interview with Eliza.


Customer Profile

Name: Eliza Montgomery

Age: 32

Occupation: Graphic Designer

Location: San Francisco, California

Interests: Travel, photography, hiking, interior design, and seafood

Travel Preferences: Prefers offbeat and unique lodging experiences, enjoys staying in properties that blend seamlessly with the surroundings, and values unique amenities not available at home.


Property Profile

Name: Whispering Pines Cabin

Location: Lake Tahoe, California

Type: Cabin rental Size: 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom

Capacity: Up to 4 guests

Style: Rustic-chic with modern amenities

Surroundings: Nestled among tall pine trees, overlooking Lake Tahoe

Unique Features: Wooden interiors, stone fireplace, private deck with a hot tub, and easy access to hiking trails

Amenities: Complimentary Wi-Fi, fully equipped kitchen, eco-friendly bath and shower amenities provided by Modern Innkeeper, and a selection of board games for guest entertainment


🎙️ Modern Innkeeper: We're here today with Eliza, who recently stayed at a cabin rental equipped with Modern Innkeeper amenities. Eliza, can you tell us about your experience?

🙂 Eliza: Sure! I had a short weekend getaway at the cabin, and it was filled with fun activities like hiking and exploring nearby attractions. The Amity Essentials amenities provided by Modern Innkeeper during my stay were well-matched with the cabin's interior décor and added a nice touch to the bathroom. It also had a nice light green tea scent, not overpowering and goes well with the setting of the property.

🌲 Modern Innkeeper: Sounds like you had a great time! Can you tell us how the amenities contributed to your overall experience, especially after a day filled with outdoor activities?

💆‍♀️ Eliza: Absolutely! After a day of hiking and visiting the local farmers market, it was so relaxing to come back to the cabin and use the convenient and soothing amenities with a nice green tea scent. They really helped me feel refreshed and recharged for the next day's adventures. It's evident that Modern Innkeeper's products caters to various lodging styles, from cabins and cottages to boutique hotels.

🌐 Modern Innkeeper: Would you recommend Modern Innkeeper to other vacation rental property managers?

👍 Eliza: Yes, I would! If you're looking to provide your guests with practical and clean amenities that improve their stay and help them unwind after a day of activities, Modern Innkeeper is a solid option. I'm definitely looking forward to my next stay at a property that uses their products.


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