Fun Guestbook Idea: Fingerprint Tree

Fun Guestbook Idea: Fingerprint Tree

Fingerprint Tree Guestbook for Travelers

A key aspect of being a gracious host is ensuring guests enjoy a vacation they will always remember. To achieve this, your vacation rental must have nuances that allow it to stand out and forever imprint it as a memorable time in their lives. After selling guests on your destination and providing them a local experience, there is still work to do. A fingerprint tree guestbook is a perfect way to guarantee their vacation at your rental is an everlasting experience, and it also tells the story of all the different travelers your property has hosted!


What is a Fingerprint Tree?

A fingerprint tree is exactly what it sounds like: a tree filled with fingerprints. Each one represents, in this instance, who vacationed at your rental property. Fingerprint trees are also used for:

  • Weddings

  • Baby showers

  • Bridal showers

  • Birthday parties

  • Family reunions

You as the host will forever have it to reflect back on the countless people you shared your rental property with!


How it Tells a Story

On top of a fingerprint tree exhibiting to you who had the pleasure to vacation at your rental, it also showcases to fellow travelers who came before them: 

  • When guests see how many others participated in this fun activity you set up, they will sense how inclusive the experience is; leaving their fingerprints becomes an essential part of the trip.

  • It demonstrates how joyous of a time the people preceding their stay had because if they had not, they would not have dedicated the time to leave a long-lasting impression.

  • A fingerprint tree signifies unity within a group of travelers and creates a sense of belonging, whether it is a family taking its summer trip or a group of friends embarking on another annual get together.

Adding this personal touch to the vacation experience is a sufficient way to be certain your rental property stands out from the rest!


How Should a Fingerprint Tree Look?

A fingerprint tree’s aesthetics vary depending on the occasion. Since they are quite popular for weddings, there are a plethora of designs couples utilize on their big day. While there are some notable takeaways from those examples, yours will be different simply because the purpose of it is to document vacations, but do not let that prevent you from being creative! As you will see by clicking that link, there are fingerprint trees without trees as their bases, like the one with the car rather than a tree trunk. Instead of using a tree, make it something that symbolizes your area. Let us use Napa, California as an example. A host up there may replace a tree trunk with a bottle of wine as the fingerprint tree’s base. If your locality is famous for something, attempt to get creative with it, and if it is not, using a tree is also okay, especially if it is one that grows in your region!


Permanent Memories

A guestbook with a fingerprint tree gives travelers a chance to assure their memory vacationing at your rental lasts forever. Place it near their personal letter so guests have visibility to it, and lastly, do not forget to supply ink!