Following The Salt And Pepper Shaker Rule

Following The Salt And Pepper Shaker Rule

Respecting The Art of Dining Starts with Salt and Pepper

At this point, you should be able to look at your vacation rental’s kitchen and think to yourself “Gordon Ramsay wouldn’t throw too big of a fit if he were here.”

And if he does, at least he will be able to open up a bottle of wine and calm his nerves.

However, there is one thing that would deeply offend Mr. Ramsay and, more importantly, your guests who love to cook: failing to adhere to the salt and pepper shaker rule.

You didn’t think you got to pick which one gets the salt and which one gets the pepper, did you?

Here at Modern Innkeeper, we follow the salt and pepper shaker rule, which states salt goes in the shaker with the least amount of holes and pepper in the shaker with the most amount.

Why? Salt flows out easier than its counterpart; therefore, it doesn’t need as many.

Now that you know there is a method to the madness, let’s look at some nifty salt and pepper shakers!


Flask Shakers

To eliminate any confusion as to which seasoning goes in which shaker, keep the periodic table-mimicking flask shakers at your vacation rental.

It is with great pleasure to report these shakers follow the salt and pepper shaker rule, but just in case your guests aren’t as savvy in the kitchen as you, these shakers’ labels (“Sa” for Salt and “Pe” for pepper) leave nothing to chance.


Whale Shakers

Aside from following the salt and pepper shaker rule (thank you for respecting the art of dining, whales), one is white and one is black, so none of your guests will be asking, “Which one is which?”

These whale shakers will be out of place at a rental in the heart of the city, but they are perfect for one near the beach!


Egg Shakers

The egg shakers are almost impossible to lose because they include a carton-style holder, while of course following the salt and pepper shaker rule.

An added benefit is they allow guests to put salt and pepper on their eggs with egg salt and pepper shakers.

Talk about enhancing the guest experience!


Wind-Up Robot Shakers

If your guests typically include couples cooking for each other during a romantic getaway, proceed to the next section.

But if your guests typically include families with young children, more often the case than not, these wind-up robot shakers are calling your name!

Both the white robot (salt) and black robot (pepper) have winders so they can cruise around the table. So, rather than being passed, guests can wind them up and send them over to someone else.

Did dinner just get more exciting?

Well, maybe for the kids.


Classic Shakers

If at some point reading this you asked yourself, “Can’t I just get normal salt and pepper shakers?” you will be happy to know this is acceptable.

You have options when it comes to choosing which classic salt and pepper shakers you want for your place; maybe you want them to match your interior or reinforce the theme of your locality.

Whichever you choose, there is just one requirement: make sure it follows the salt and pepper shaker rule!