Turning Your Living Room Into A Lobby

Turning Your Living Room Into A Lobby

Even though vacation rentals hold the advantage over hotels when it comes to space, hotels are generally superior when it comes to one particular aspect: the lobby. However, do not feel discouraged! The luxury of being a vacation rental host is you have the flexibility to be creative when it comes to how to construct your property. Modern Innkeeper will help you plot out your living room lobby design so guests’ vacations begin with a grand entrance!


What Does a Hotel Lobby Include?

Before you begin shuffling your living room furniture around, let us first identify what travelers typically find in a hotel lobby. That way, we can better articulate a plan that results in what we envision:

  • Music

  • Television

  • Plants

  • Chairs

  • Couches

  • Coffee tables

  • Coffee/tea station

  • Water dispenser

  • Information hub

  • Concierge

  • Check in/check out area

Because we are discussing converting a living room to a lobby, not all of these are possible to include, but remember, not all hotels incorporate everything listed. Plus, because you are a vacation rental host, you have some freedom to be, we will call it, unconventional. Continue reading to learn more!



Nailing the furniture is essential. It is the first aspect of your lobby guests will notice; therefore, it sets the tone, and by now we are aware of how imperative quality first impressions are. You want to arrange it in a way that promotes inclusion. Surround your coffee table with chairs and couches so your guests can congregate there to determine how they are going to spend an amazing trip at your rental property. Remain cognizant of your rental’s theme, too. If you are near a beach and know travelers spend a good chunk of their time there, be certain your lobby/living room reflects that vibe. If you need some help in this category, click here for some inspiration.


Information Hub

You as the host want to equip your guests with all the information they need in order to get the most out of their trip. To accomplish this, you must ensure they are aware of everything your destination has to offer. How do you do this? Since your coffee table is in the epicenter of your living room lobby, place valuable resources there guests can refer to during their stay:

This is a lot of information, so do not feel obligated to include it all, and make sure it appears presentable as opposed to looking like a cluster. To guarantee guests gravitate towards the lobby’s coffee table, leave the personal letter you wrote them there, too.


Coffee, Tea, and Water

In this blog we discussed how travelers are electing to drive over fly to their vacation destinations. This method of transportation can be exhausting, especially with a few restless kids in the backseat. To enhance the welcome experience, it may be beneficial to provide guests with some beverages to quench their thirst or assist in waking them up for their vacation. Here we recommended ways to serve coffee and tea, and when it comes to water, consider the eco-friendly route and serve it boxed! In order for guests to have a spot to place their refreshments, provide them with end tables next to the furniture so they do not clutter the coffee table.



Having the music come from the living room-turned-lobby is another productive way to draw in guests. Plus, good music helps create a desirable ambiance!



A room with a television immediately attracts eyes. Before your guests arrive, turn on a local channel you know showcases your area. Remember to keep the volume down or mute it so it is not competing with the music!



Plants inside symbolize and promote a healthy environment. They also add an enticing element to your living room lobby!


Lobby For a Custom Design

One of the many reasons a vacation rental is so desirable is because each one possesses a charm unlike any other. Take advantage of this and design a custom lobby your guests will never forget!