Cleaning Fees: How Much To Charge Guests

Cleaning Fees: How Much To Charge Guests

Importance of Pricing Cleaning Fees

Establishing cleaning fees may not be an aspect of the rental business that excites hosts, but knowing how to price them correctly is essential towards earning bookings. For as simple of a task as it sounds, its impact is significant. Cutting corners has its consequences. It may result in negative reviews that deters travelers from selecting certain properties. Charging guests a hefty amount for the most deluxe cleaning service lessens the likelihood of bookings because they will search for more affordable options, and often find them. To attain that happy medium, Modern Innkeeper has conducted research to know how much hosts should charge guests in an effort to accumulate reservations!


Costs to Consider

Before landing on a number, hosts must know the items and services that a cleaning fee entails:

Failing to understand how much cleaning a rental costs may lose a host money, so pay close attention to this!


What Should Hosts Research Before Setting Fees?

Obtaining useful information is the first step towards making a wise business decision. Deciding on a cleaning fee is no different. Take advantage of rentals closeby to determine a figure:

  • Note cleaning fees of up to 20 similar listings in the area.

  • Calculate their average.

  • Add up costs of your rental.

  • Compare average and costs to determine if they align.

  • Tailor fee based on findings.

For hosts choosing to employ a third party, research cleaning services in the community and compare their quotes to each other and to the fees of similar rentals. Going too high or too low both lead to unfavorable outcomes, so take as much time as needed to get this right!


Additional Elements Worth Evaluating

Part of what makes being in the rental business fun is creating a place with its own identity, differentiating properties from each other and providing guests a plethora of options to choose from. This facet of the industry is also the reason cleaning fees are subject to vary. Some questions for hosts to ask themselves before deciding on a number are:

  • Does my target audience typically vacation lavishly or is it generally frugal?

  • Will the activities guests do throughout their stays create messes?

  • Are guests willing to pay more for cleaner rentals due to COVID?

  • How much land is my rental on?

  • How big is my rental?

Appraising this fee is not a black and white task. Account for all factors in order to create a fair price for all parties involved!


Significance of Impartial Fees

The Internet makes it possible for people to find out anything they want, including if hosts are profiting from their cleaning fees! There is no need for hosts to levy additional, exorbitant expenses on guests. With that being said, do not take a hit for the sake of a low cleaning fee! Following the guidelines above will lead hosts to reaching a justifiable number, resulting in clean, presentable properties and continued success!