Camping Season Is Just Around the Corner

Camping Season Is Just Around the Corner

Camping season is fast approaching, and vacation rental property managers and short-term rental hosts need to get ready for the busy spring and summer travel season. One great way to add extra comfort and luxury for guests of outdoor-focused properties is to provide them with stylish and convenient bath & shower amenities from Modern Innkeeper.

Modern Innkeeper’s exclusive amenity collections are designed to help property managers meet the needs of guests who are looking for a more comfortable and luxurious camping experience. The collections include a range of items that guests might need during their stay, such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion soap, vanity kit, and packaged toiletry kits. The collections are designed to complement a wide range of rental styles and interior décor.

Our amenity collections are designed with vacation rentals and small lodging properties as the focus. We have been around since 2015 supplying stylish toiletries that help smaller properties compete against larger hotels. Not only does each collection provide nice fragrances, but each collection is designed with hospitality themes that elevate the guest experience during every stay. Whether you own a cabin, cottage, or campground, our supplies enable your guests to freshen up for indoor relaxation and outdoor adventures. Having an outdoor-focused property can provide extra revenue opportunities.

Amity Essentials collection is inspired by principles in hospitality – harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility. The collection follow the respectful relationship between hosts, their guests, and the travel environment. With a subtly and refreshing green tea scent, the collection features refreshing and light formulation in squeeze tube bottles with twist cap. Vacation rental properties that often have longer length of stay (up to 5 nights) than hotels (1.8 nights). The 40ml tubes and 40g soap are more suitable than the 30ml or 25ml single-use toiletries commonly available at hotels, giving guests adequate supply during their stay.

Eco Sabbatico collection is inspired by the concept of a sabbatical. Guests are energized by the sights and sounds of their travel environment. Natural lights, scenes from nature, and the colors of adventure bring the Eco Sabbatico collection to life. The cool and energizing juniper scent captures a traveler’s inner strength and determination to endure long trips away from home. This collection is ideal for vacation rental properties that often have longer length of stay than hotels. The 40ml tubes and 40g soap are more suitable than the smaller size toiletries commonly available at hotels, giving guests adequate supply during their stay.

The Flores Aurantii collection represents life and the gifts of mother nature. This collection comes in dark green bottles that reflect the color of nature. With a light and elegant floral scent, the collection is ideal for luxury rentals and properties with longer stays. Ideal properties include vacation rentals, farm stays, campgrounds, cabins, cottages, small inns, boutique hotels, and bed & breakfast.

One of the great things about Modern Innkeeper's bath and shower amenities is that they are unique hospitality supplies not found at the neighborhood grocery store. They are also more sanitary with consideration for public health than wall dispensers that collect bacteria after each use. Guests go on vacation to experience what they normally don’t see at home, and that includes trying new bath and shower amenities they will not find boring or familiar. Property managers can choose which items to include based on the needs of their guests and the type of property they manage. This means that they can create a truly unique and personalized experience for their guests, which is essential in today's competitive short-term rental market.

In addition to being unique, the amenities are also designed to be easy to use – for property managers and guests. Modern Innkeeper offers cases of amenities with no minimum order requirement. Just simply order a case when needed, without having to worry about storage. Property managers can quickly and easily stock up on bathroom amenities with all of the essentials that their guests need. Or if you manage multiple properties and want to purchase wholesale, contact us for a quote. We also work with retailers or hotel gift shops looking to sell to tourists.

Overall, if you are a vacation rental property manager or short-term rental host who is looking for a way to provide your guests with a more comfortable and luxurious camping experience, then Modern Innkeeper bath & shower amenities are definitely worth considering. They are stylish, convenient, unique, and easy to use, making them a great solution for any property manager who wants to stay ahead of the competition in the busy spring and summer travel season.