Building A Winning Hospitality Operation

Building A Winning Hospitality Operation

Running a Vacation Rental the Right Way

Running a vacation rental and making it a desirable destination typically requires help from a team of individuals. Maybe this includes your significant other, a landscaper or anyone else you employ or helps you out of the goodness of their heart. Even though everyone wants your vacation rental to reach its full potential, things don’t always go smoothly.

Running into barriers with your team is completely normal, and because you’re busy figuring out ways to delight your guests, not addressing them can easily happen.

Hotel Management recommended four ways you can work with your team and find solutions to these barriers, and Modern Innkeeper's vacation-rental-owner spin on them can help you become an even better host and boss.



Having too many meetings can be unproductive, but having them on occasion is a great way to build trust. A hotel staff can meet in a conference room at the hotel or a happy hour after work, but you can make meetings with your team more personal. How about having them over for dinner at your vacation rental? Or a backyard barbecue?

Either of these options, or something similar, allows your team to enjoy your rental and their hard work for themselves. Plus, discussing what’s going on at your rental is more natural because you’re already there. Maybe your landscaper needs to show you what he or she is having trouble with in your garden, or you and your decorator need to get on the same page by taking a closer look at your decor together.

Wherever and however you decide to do this, make it clear everyone can express what’s on their mind.


Structured Activities

Organizing structured activities outside of your vacation rental is a productive way to connect with your team and encourages them to talk to you about any issues they encounter.

Consider making these activities the same ones you recommend to your guests. Whether it’s a hike, wine tasting or anything else fun to do in your rental’s destination, a team event brings everyone closer and improves how you all collaborate.


Lunch and Learns

Treating your team to a meal is a great opportunity to solve problems together. Gathering around a table with good people and good food can only lead to good things, including moving past any barriers holding your vacation rental back.

Another benefit of a lunch and learn, it’s a chance to try a new restaurant you can tell your guests about. Assuming you like the place, describe your experience to your guests so they can get a better feel for it. Mentioning aspects like the ambiance and service will help them envision dining there and decide if they want to eat there during their stay.

This could also be a good time to talk to the restaurant’s owner about how you can work together. Maybe you can suggest he or she can provide your guests a free dessert if they eat there because of your recommendation.

Taking your team out to eat helps you solve problems together and supports local business!


Company-Sponsored Activities

Hotels have many more dollars to spend on company-sponsored activities than vacation rental hosts, so, don’t feel guilty if you don’t feel up to putting one together. With that being said, finding a way to replicate the benefits from these activities can boost your team’s morale and show you appreciate them.

How you do this depends on your budget, but here are some ideas to help you brainstorm:

●     Offer team members a free night at your vacation rental

●     Write them a letter telling them how valuable they are to your business

●     Give them a bonus

Any gesture showing your appreciation for your team tells them their work is key to your vacation rental’s success.


A Winning Team Builds a Winning Vacation Rental

Running a vacation rental isn’t easy. Having issues along the way is inevitable, but what matters is you knowing how to handle them. Being able to do so will strengthen your team, which is essential towards keeping your vacation rental’s calendar full.