Build Your Rental's Brand

Build Your Rental's Brand

Specialty Items Boost Your Brand

Every decision you make as it relates to your vacation rental affects your brand. How you decorate it, the amenities you provide and how you communicate with guests are three examples that contribute to this.

Just like with a business (after all, you are running one), it is important to ensure you stay on brand, but before you can do that, you have to first identify what yours is.

Then, you can begin stocking it with specialty items that represent your brand and will enhance the guest experience!

Continue reading to learn how to do this.


Pick and Commit

If you already know what your rental’s identity is, you can skip ahead to the “Showing Off Your Brand” section and figure out which items are worth investing in.

If not, stick around for some help.



Your vacation rental’s location is probably the biggest factor in determining what its brand will be. For instance, you wouldn’t have a beach-themed rental if your property is on a ranch.

So, it’s important to cater to its surroundings, and this does not only include nature!

Think about popular industries in your area. If there are a lot of wineries, center your rental’s brand and guest experience around that.


Home Style

Another thing to keep in mind is the style of your vacation property, and this entails more than just how you choose to decorate its interior. A rental that is an apartment in a metropolitan area would not have a country-living brand because that is not the experience guests are seeking.

Hence why they are vacationing in the city.


What do the People Want?

This last tip is here to remind you to cater to your guests’ wants, and emphasizes why it is vital to understand and address what they are looking to get out of their stay.

Because we know most guests travel with children under 18 years old, building a brand that revolves around family activities would make a lot of sense.

But then again, this may not fit your guests’ profile!

Find out what that is by learning who they are, and once you do, you will be able to establish your rental as the go-to vacation spot for your audience!


Showing Off Your Brand

Now for the fun part: getting the everyday products that promote the brand you created! This is your opportunity to show off your rental’s identity and ensure your guests always remember how great of a time they had during their stay.

More specifically, we’re talking about products you can customize to represent your rental (with its name, picture of it or both).

Below are some ideas:

●     Coffee mugs

●     Wine glasses

●     Koozies

●     Coasters

●     Shirts

●     Towels

●     Sunglasses

●     Beach balls

●     Umbrellas

●     Sweatshirts

●     Ornaments

Guests who get to take these home will be constantly reminded of where they should go for their next vacation.


Branding Products

Between doing things like supplying guests a pizza oven and natural herbs, on top of everything else you do for the guest experience, having to make specialty items is a big ask, which is why you have resources like these to turn to:

●     Custom Ink

●     Custom Logo It

●     Zazzle

●     4imprint USA

●     Quality Logo Products

Use them to your advantage!


Own Your Brand, Get More Guests

Becoming more recognizable to your guests will increase the chances of receiving repeat bookings. Go the extra mile to establish your property’s brand, and enjoy a full calendar.