Amenities Guests Love When They Travel

Amenities Guests Love When They Travel

Vacation Rental Amenities Your Guests Need

Providing your guests with the right vacation rental amenities can lead to more bookings. With that being said, making sure your vacation rental has every single one may not be possible. Cost, storage and location are a few factors that may affect what hosts can and cannot supply. Modern Innkeeper picked out the amenities hosts should prioritize to drive more bookings.


Kitchen Amenities

The kitchen is the heart of the home, or in this case, heart of the vacation rental. It’s vital your vacation rental has the necessary kitchen amenities so guests can cook and do whatever else they need to during their stay.


Coffee and Tea Supplies

A morning without the essential cup of coffee or tea, or both (no judgment here), isn’t how guests want to start the day. Set up a proper coffee and tea station so every morning is enjoyable. Asking guests about their coffee or tea preferences before they arrive is a great idea because you can have their favorite type ready before they get there.

Now that’s what we call enhancing the guest experience!


Dishwasher Detergent

A dishwasher can only function if it has detergent. While this is no surprise, it can be an easy amenity to forget. Keep enough dishwasher detergent so guests never have to worry about doing their dishes. It will also save them time because they won’t have to spend a significant amount of their stay hand washing dishes.


Pots, Pans and Baking Sheets

Pots, pans and baking sheets help guests fully utilize the kitchen. They can cook family meals together and even enjoy some baked goods. Another benefit of supplying these kitchen amenities is you can help guests save money. Rather than dining out, something that can add up quickly, they can cook their meals.

Other kitchen amenities beneficial for your vacation rental are:

●     Foil, saran wrap or parchment paper

●     Salt and pepper

●     Mixing bowls

●     Utensils



Over 60 percent of 461 participants in our poll said they expect hosts to provide basic toiletries. This tells us not having basic toiletries would disappoint guests. Stocking your vacation rental with the following amenities will give guests one less thing to worry about and one more reason to book your place.



Forgetting to pack a toothbrush and toothpaste is an easy mistake to make. Providing new toothbrushes and fresh toothpaste for guests makes this not as big of a deal, and makes you an even better host. It could also earn you more positive reviews.



Hosts who keep shampoo at their vacation rental demonstrate they care about their guests’ needs. However, just supplying shampoo isn’t enough. Every guest should have a fresh bottle upon arrival. Because who wants to feel like they’re using the same bottle of shampoo strangers did?

Not your guests, so make sure there’s a fresh one waiting for them!


Toilet Paper

This should go without saying, but because of how important it is, we’ll address it. Stocking your vacation rental with more than enough toilet paper shows you’re a host who thinks ahead and cares about your guests having the essentials.


Additional Bathroom Amenities

By providing the amenities above plus what’s listed below, you’ll help your guests avoid having to do an emergency run to the closest drug store:


●     Fresh towels

●     Conditioner

●     Body wash

●     Hand soap

●     Hair dryer


Amenities Outside of the Kitchen and Bathroom

The everyday essentials for your vacation rental’s bathroom and kitchen are a must. But guests want more than that. Here are some additional amenities you can supply to really go above and beyond and effectively enhance the guest experience:

●     Laundry detergent

●     Bedside outlets

●     Sunscreen

●     First aid kit

●     Wi-Fi


Guests appreciate hosts who provide as many amenities as possible. Make sure guests know you’re prepared by listing each amenity your vacation rental has in your listing’s description. That’s how you can show guests your place is the place to stay.


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