Amenities Guests Love When Traveling

Amenities Guests Love When Traveling

Knowing Which Amenities Are Worth Providing

To separate their rentals from the competition, hosts must be in tune with what amenities guests love when they travel. Providing certain items, or failing to do so, may be the difference in whether or not rentals receive bookings. Attaining every desirable amenity is just not possible. Costs, storage, and location are just a few of the factors affecting what is feasible for hosts to supply. Luckily for them, Modern Innkeeper did the work of deciphering which amenities all hosts should prioritize in order to drive more bookings!



Everyone knows the kitchen is the heart of the home. This is why hosts should ensure their kitchens remain equipped with the amenities that will make their guests trips.


Coffee/Tea Supplies

Mornings without the essential cup of coffee or tea, or both (no one is judging), is a horrid start to the day. Eliminate guests’ concerns about their pleasurable mornings being at risk by providing them with these key items!


Dishwasher Detergent

Every rental property with a dishwasher must have the key ingredient that allows it to function. Keeping a healthy supply of detergent tells guests they are able to utilize the kitchen during their stays, on top of assuring them they will not spend a substantial amount of their vacations hand washing dishes!


Pots, Pans, and Baking Sheets

Similar to dishwasher detergent, supplying guests with these amenities empowers them to make use of the kitchens’ capabilities. Another benefit of having these handy is it appeals to families looking to travel on a budget because they can cut spending by cooking some meals as opposed to constantly dining out, an endeavor that can quickly add up.

Other amenities increasing the appeal of rentals are:

  • Foil, saran wrap, or parchment paper

  • Salt and pepper

  • Mixing bowls

  • Utensils

  • Water

Never undervalue how vital it is to keep kitchens stocked with the necessities!



Modern Innkeeper conducted a poll in which over 60 percent of 461 participants stated they expect hosts to provide basic toiletries; therefore, not doing so would already be disappointing guests. Going the extra mile to supply bathrooms with these necessities will give guests, especially families, one less thing to worry about.



It is hard to come across a seasoned traveler who has not forgotten to bring a toothbrush. Arriving at a destination under the impression everything made it only to find out a vital item was left behind is no fun. Hosts who provide new toothbrushes for guests are more likely to receive positive reviews!



Hosts who provide their guests with shampoo demonstrate to them one thing: they care. However, merely supplying shampoo is not enough; be certain it is a fresh bottle rather than one previous visitors used. Guests prefer vacationing in places they do not feel like others have recently been, so remember this detail!


Toilet Paper

This should go without saying, but because of how important it is, let’s talk about it! Keeping a considerable amount of this stocked reveals a host is thinking ahead and of everything; another productive way to earn a glorifying review!


By providing those, plus the items listed below, travelers will have the luxury of packing less and avoiding an errand to the closest drug store upon arrival:

Stay ahead of the competition by keeping the bathrooms full with Modern Innkeeper’s indispensable amenities!


Aside from affording kitchens and bathrooms with everyday essentials, there are an abundant amount of complementary amenities guests love, including equipment to keep busy outside:

  • Laundry detergent

  • Bedside outlets

  • Sunscreen

  • First aid kit

  • WiFi

Guests will appreciate hosts with rentals furnished with as many amenities as possible, potentially causing them to book the same properties in the future and motivating them to leave lauding reviews. Once stocked up with Modern Innkeeper’s amenities, do not be bashful; intrigue guests by including this selling point in rentals’ descriptions!