Amenities Align with 2023 Wellness Travel Trends

Amenities Align with 2023 Wellness Travel Trends

Guest wellness is important for your vacation rental’s guest experience.

Given that it’s become a huge focus for the travel industry, meeting guests’ wellness needs, such as having plants supporting wellness and making sure guests get quality sleep, can make your vacation rental more desirable.

Knowing the top wellness travel trends for 2023 can make your vacation rental the ideal destination for guests practicing self-care. These trends include:

●     New wave wellness

●     Emotional healing

●     Holistic wellness tours

To help guests fully experience these trends, stock your vacation rental with amenities that embrace these aspects of wellness. Each new amenity collection from Modern Innkeeper offers something that aligns with one of the trends. Know which collection offers what so your amenities enhance your guest experience.

New Wave Wellness: Eco Sabbatico

Society has been using the term “wellness” for about 70 years. It’s evolved since then, and right now, we’re experiencing a significant point in its evolution. New wave wellness, a millennial-driven trend, is guests wanting to get away from the traditional wellness retreat in favor of a more exciting experience.

An example of the travel industry adapting to this is resorts finding ways to get guests closer to nature. In addition to recommending nature activities, supplying guests with Eco Sabbatico can help them become one with nature during their stay. The collection is nurtured by nature and inspired by natural scents so your guests can experience the positive effects.

The amenities’ juniper tree fragrance helps guests realize their inner strength, something they may be seeking while they’re away from home.

Emotional Healing: Amity Essentials

Emotional healing is a wellness travel trend helping travelers overcome trauma, depression and more. Their goal is to live a more fulfilling life by improving their overall health through physical activity and therapy.

These areas may be out of your expertise, but Amity Essentials helps establish your vacation rental as a safe space to work through these obstacles. Green tea, the amenities’ fragrance, symbolizes hospitality, automatically helping guests seeking emotional healing feel welcome. Another purpose of the fragrance is to create a meaningful experience, similar to a tea ceremony. A tea ceremony encourages guests to rise above and unveil the deeper meaning of spirit and nature.

Empowering guests to gain this perspective could help them find what they’re seeking from their emotional healing journey.

Holistic Wellness Tours: Flores Aurantii

Some guests will want to go on holistic wellness tours during their stay. These tours focus on three wellness components: the mind, body and emotions. Each impacts the others, and treating all can improve overall wellness. Recommending a local guide who can take your guests on a tour like this is one way to help guests enjoy the complete wellness experience.

You can also provide them with the Flores Aurantii amenity collection to support their mind, body and emotional wellness during their stay. Flores Aurantii’s orange symbolizes warmth, and the orange flower scent represents:

●     Excitement

●     Joy

●     Positivity

●     Passions

●     Energy

●     Enthusiasm

Orange and its scent bring senses to life, which can encourage guests to become more in touch with their mind, body and emotions.

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