A Travel Advisor Can Help Your Vacation Rental Business

A Travel Advisor Can Help Your Vacation Rental Business

What Can a Travel Agent Do for You?

Travel advisors, the new name for travel agents, may be thought of as a thing of the past to some. However, history repeats itself. Just like the good old days, travelers are using travel advisors to book their trips!

The New York Post reported Virtuoso, a network with over 20,000 travel advisors, saw a 50 percent increase in a year’s time. Millennials (25 to 40 years old) and Gen Xers (41 to 56 years old) are its fastest growing portion of new clients. That’s especially significant to you because Modern Innkeeper found these two generations make up over 80 percent of vacation rental guests.

That leads us to ask: what can a travel agent do for you?

Let’s find out.


Bring You the Right Type of Guest

Most business owners, including vacation rental hosts like you, would probably love it if everyone loved their product or service, but that’s not the way of the world. Your vacation rental appeals to a certain type of guest, and you’ll want to work with a travel advisor whose clients fit your rental’s criteria.

Travel advisors have different expertise. Some are experts at finding travelers the perfect beach to spend the summer at. Others are experts at finding cities with exotic foods only true foodies crave.

Before you decide on which travel advisor you want to work with, be sure they’re someone who understands your vacation rental’s brand and knows how to get you your ideal guest.


Vouch for Your Vacation Rental

Travelers read reviews from past guests to decide if your vacation rental is worth staying at. Another way travelers decide if your vacation rental is right for them is by asking their trusted travel advisor about it.

Travelers trust travel advisors because of their experience in the travel industry. Forbes mentioned the agency Brownell Travel having 150 travel advisors and over 130 years of experience. Having been in the travel industry this long gives Brownell Travel a certain amount of credibility that can make their clients feel confident in the agency’s travel advisors.

This way of thinking can benefit you because travelers value their travel advisor’s recommendations. So, if a travel advisor vouches for your vacation rental, that may be enough to show their clients staying at your place is how they’ll make the most out of their vacation.


Provide You Useful Tips

Travel advisors can help you improve your guest experience because of their experience in the travel industry. They know what travelers want during their trips, like surprises. Surprising your guests enhances the guest experience, and you can find out what extra goodies your guests want most by asking a travel advisor. Aside from throwing in surprise perks, you can also find out from a travel advisor:

●      What amenities guests love

●      If guests want your help planning their trip

●      Tips on building a winning hospitality operation

The combination of their experience and direct communication with travelers can help you become a better host!


Advice From the Advisor

Creating the ultimate guest experience includes getting to know your guests as well as you can. Working with a travel advisor can bring you closer to your guests and help them enjoy their dream vacation. Research travel advisors and see how they can help enhance your vacation rental’s guest experience.