A Gift From You

A Gift From You

Practical and Thoughtful: Ornament Gift

Thanksgiving has come and gone, which means Christmas time has officially arrived. This means you will soon be buying gifts, decorating and embracing the holiday spirit for all of December (maybe that started at the end of November and will go until the early part of January).

Taking care of your loved ones’ gifts and making your own home feel special this time of year may feel like clockwork at this point, but as a host, your responsibilities go beyond this.

You have your guests to think about, and they are going to want some of your Christmas spirit, too!

And yes, that does include getting them something extra, but Modern Innkeeper has found an item that will not kill your bank account and shows you are thoughtful: an ornament gift!


But Why?

Most of your bookings include more than one guest, and since you do not know them, getting them each something you know they will like is impractical.

So, especially because it is likely they are families, you can get them something they can share and that represents their holiday trip to your vacation rental!

That way, when they put up their Christmas tree (75 percent of residences in the United States do this every year), they can decorate it with this ornament. Not only will their tree be prettier than it already was, but the ornament will remind them of how great of a time they had staying at your place.

Motivating them to book another trip, hopefully.


4 Types of Ornaments to Give

Ornaments can cost thousands of dollars, but those are not the ones your guests will expect from you.

A wide array exists, so it is up to you to decide which your guests will appreciate the most.


Keepsake Ornaments

Keepsake ornaments are number one on this list because they do a great job at bringing back fond memories (what a great way to continue the guest experience).

They should represent your rental itself or its locality. So, if your rental is a cabin, look into getting them an ornament of a cabin that looks similar to yours, or, if a distinct landmark is nearby, check out its gift shop and get an ornament there.

Anything that will make them reminisce on the grand time they had is highly encouraged!


Photo Frame Ornaments

Giving your guests a photo frame ornament like this will lead to them using a picture from their trip, which is another way they will remind themselves of the great time they had at your vacation property.

Each time they look at how happy they were, they will want to book another stay!


DIY Ornaments

Similar to the cake kits for guests’ children, a DIY ornament gift is a good item to keep the kids busy and provide something the family can do together. Making them often includes:

●     Painting

●     Bejeweling

●     Coloring

●     And more!

Just make sure you have the right arts and crafts supplies available so you do not let your guests down.


Ball Ornaments

Alas, the most traditional of the bunch: ball ornaments. No matter how creative people get, ball ornaments will never go out of style. They are forever classy and make any tree beautiful.

However, they are quite fragile, so give them to your guests in the case they come in so they make it home safe.


Remembering a Special Holiday

Guests staying at your vacation rental during Christmas time signifies you have created a special enough place that people want to spend an important time of year there.

You should give yourself a pat on the back for this, and then give your guests an ornament gift that will allow them to remember their trip, every Christmas.