7 Popular Garden Games

7 Popular Garden Games

Playing in the Garden

Summer is when guests should be playing in the garden, and keep in mind this is not a literal term. Garden games include fun activities families can enjoy in the confines of your vacation rental’s yard.

Modern Innkeeper picked seven to recommend to travelers before summer ends.


  1. Scavenger Hunt

Parents who want to keep their children entertained for an extended amount of time will appreciate you for this.

They can hide miscellaneous items around the property on their own, so it is up to you to make it interesting. Provide them a list of the nature on your property, such as unique flowers or reptiles (like a harmless toad or lizard).

Keep in mind not to steer them near anything harmful like:

●     Poison ivy

●     Poisonous animals

●     Thorns

●     Dangerous rocks

●     And more

A trip to the emergency room will ruin their vacation, so take precaution when compiling this list.


2. Outdoor Den

Some folks like the idea of camping better than camping. Being in nature for the first couple of hours is revitalizing: relaxing in the fresh air and hearing the sounds that come after nightfall, but one person usually ends up saying, “I miss my bed.”

A compromise: camp in the backyard!

This way that person has a cozy bed to return to.

Equip your vacation rental with the following so guests can get comfortable for however long their “camping trip” lasts:

●     Outdoor blankets (here we recommend five awesome ones)

●     Pillows

●     Sleeping bags

●     Tent

●     Lantern

These items will make it feel real, no matter how short it lasts.


3. Cornhole

Cornhole may be the most inclusive garden game on this list. It is kid-friendly, and adults can hold a cocktail in one hand while they toss bean bags with the other. With so many options at your disposal, cornhole boards can actually enhance your property’s outdoor decor (click here to be certain it is on point) instead of lessening it.


4. Garden Bowling

Aside from being a great time, garden bowling is also resourceful!

Recycled bottles can serve as the pins, so keep some stored (out of sight) and let your guests know their purpose. Suggest adding some rocks in the bottles to make it more challenging and worth everyone’s time.

Also let the parents know their children have the green light to paint or decorate them. If the family ever vacations there again, homemade pins will be awaiting their arrival.


5. Water Wars

Water wars are exactly what they sound like. Stock your vacation rental with some squirt guns for the kids, and let the parents know where the hose is.

That way you ensure a fair fight.


6. Build a Bird Feeder

Building a bird feeder is a productive way to engage with nature, and with enough material, both parents and kids can construct their own. A collaborative activity families will enjoy.

Continue encouraging being resourceful by suggesting they build them with recycled materials, or order one of these for each family member if you would rather provide guests their own kits.


7. Painting Pots

Allow guests to add their personal touch to your vacation rental by giving them the okay to paint your plants’ pots, or let them take their artwork home as a souvenir!

The former is a creative way to revive your pots that have lost a little spunk over the years, plus it adds a unique touch to the ambiance.

If you permit guests to take their pots home, they will always have something to remember their stay by. This memento might encourage them to book your place again!


Garden Memories

Doing something out of the ordinary can often lead to the best of times.

This includes playing in the garden.

Guests will not think to do these activities on their own, so suggest them in your welcome letter or on your property’s posting. They will thank you later in the reviews.