6 Must-Have Cleaning Supplies

6 Must-Have Cleaning Supplies

Hotel Cleaning Supplies Your Guests Will Appreciate

By this point you know how important cleaning your vacation rental is. A sparkling-clean vacation rental can leave a great first impression on guests. But continuing to talk about how your place needs to be clean is stating the obvious and a waste of time. It’s more beneficial for Modern Innkeeper to help you know which specific cleaning supplies will clean your vacation rental so good, all your guests might think they’re the first group to ever stay there!

TODAY spoke to professional cleaners about which hotel cleaning supplies “they can’t live without.” Here are six from their list that can help your vacation rental meet your guests’ expectations and stay clean year round.


Comet Cleanser

Comet Cleanser is a cleaning supply that cleans what you don’t want to:

●     Showers

●     Toilets

●     Sinks

And this isn’t even the best part. You don’t have to be there when Comet Cleanser works. Simply apply Comet Cleanser to wherever needs it and go do another chore. Come back a few minutes later, and just like that, you’ll have a disinfected and clean bathroom!


Spic and Span Extra Strength Powder

As a busy vacation rental host, finding an efficient way to clean your place can help you feel more ready for the next group of guests. That’s why you’ll love having Spic and Span Extra Strength Powder. It can clean:

●     Kitchens

●     Baths

●     Walls

●     Floors

●     Garages

●     Basements

●     Patios

Being able to clean more with less leaves you more time for other hosting responsibilities.


White Distilled Vinegar

Certain cleaning products can leave streaks on mirrors and metals, making something you cleaned appear like you didn’t. A cleaning supply that won’t leave streaks and is effective is White Distilled Vinegar. It can get rid of any grime on your vacation rental’s mirror and metals, but the benefits don’t stop there!

Your guests can make any sauces or salad dressings more flavorful by adding White Distilled Vinegar. Basically, it’s a two-in-one product that helps you clean your place and your guests enjoy their meals. That qualifies White Distilled Vinegar as a must-have item.


Cordless Vacuum

A corded vacuum can make cleaning tight spaces difficult. A cordless vacuum, on the other hand, can make those hard-to-get-to-spaces more accessible. Dyson’s cord-free vacuum can clean for 40 minutes without needing a charge and is light so it’s easier to carry from room to room.

Another benefit of Dyson’s vacuum is its whole-machine HEPA filtration. This takes any allergens out of the air so your guests can breathe cleaner air during their stay.

That’s what we call looking out for your guests’ wellness.


Steam Iron

A steam iron’s most obvious use is ironing out clothes, but a steam iron also makes cleaning easier. A director of housekeeping TODAY spoke to said he uses a steam iron to clean tough stains in the carpet. He’ll place a dry white washcloth over the stain and iron it so the stain goes from the carpet to the washcloth.

Genius and effective!

(Plus, it can save you money because you won’t need professional carpet cleaners as often.)


Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Last but certainly not least, there are microfiber cleaning cloths. Microfiber cleaning cloths are good for just about anything.

Those fingerprints on the counter you missed the first go around? Just grab a cloth and wipe them down.

What about the dust in the corner of the window that won’t go away? It’s nothing a microfiber cloth can’t handle.

Stock up on them now so you can thank yourself later when your guests talk about how clean your place was in their review.


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