5 Ways To Entertain Guests During The Day

5 Ways To Entertain Guests During The Day

Prepare Your Rental for Daytime Activities

Helping your guests become familiar with your vacation rental's locality is a great way to enhance your vacation rental’s guest experience.

But what if they wake up one morning and decide they don’t want to go anywhere that day? Is there enough to do at your vacation rental for them to stay put and have fun?

Because not wanting to go anywhere all day doesn’t necessarily mean guests don’t want to do anything all day. That’s why having enough daytime activities at your vacation rental is essential.

It’s unlikely every single one of Modern Innkeeper's daytime-activity suggestions will work for your property, but you should be able to add at least one!


Get Active

Playing sports is something guests can enjoy on your property. Since summer is beginning to wind down (sad but true), buy at least some of the following equipment while guests can still spend time outside:

●     Baseball gloves, balls, and bats

●     Basketball hoop and ball

●     Ping pong table

●     Cornhole (look here to confirm cornhole is a sport)

Knowing who your guests are can give you a more accurate idea of which sports they like. If they’re outdoorsy, look into equipment that gets them out on the water or on hikes.

Approximately 82 percent of travelers we polled classified themselves as active people. Help them stay this way during their stay!


Deck of Cards

Whether your vacation rental is a 10-acre ranch in the countryside or a 500-square-foot apartment in the middle of New York City, a deck of cards always comes in handy. Guests can play an endless amount of games with cards and enjoy some friendly competition (we hope it’s friendly) all day long!


Board Games

Board games can keep your guests entertained and encourage them to spend time together. Age affects who can play what, so stock up on options for everybody, like:

●     The Game of Life

●     Monopoly

●     Candy Land

●     Scrabble

●     Backgammon

Like cards, board games can bring your guests together while providing them with what we hope is friendly competition.


Mini Library

Guests who spent the previous day hiking or touring the town with a local guide you helped them find may want nothing more than some peace, quiet and a good book.

Start a mini library for your guests to enjoy during their stay. If you can, include some books about your area that could inspire another adventure the following day. But remember to include some fiction too. After all, your guests are on vacation. They may want to continue distancing themselves from the real world, and a good book can help them do that.



Darts can be inside or outside, so whichever is best for your rental, go for that option.

However, they can be dangerous, so, consider how that could affect your guest experience. If most of your guests are families, go for a magnetic dartboard instead of the real thing. If your vacation rental attracts, we’ll say, bachelor parties, your guests may appreciate a dartboard that resembles the one at their favorite hometown bar.

This all comes back to knowing who your guests are.


Help Guests Seize the Day

Staying at your vacation rental all day doesn’t mean your guests want or expect to do nothing. Provide them daytime activities they can enjoy for their entire stay. The more you have to offer them, the more you’re enhancing your vacation rental’s guest experience.


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