5 Ways A Sensory Experience Inspires Guest Loyalty

5 Ways A Sensory Experience Inspires Guest Loyalty

How to Get Returning Guests

As of late, Modern Innkeeper has emphasized how important it is to get your guests to book your vacation rental again. Staying in touch with them helps, as does having a tech-savy vacation property, but there’s a new way to get returning guests: create a multi-sensory guest experience.

Mood Media’s How to Create Lasting Guest Loyalty With A Multi-Sensory Hotel Experience lists five ways hotels can appeal to guests’ senses and inspire them to book another trip in the future.

The article says, “The ultimate goal of the guest experience is to create memories that guests want to repeat and share,” so let’s learn how to do that by putting a vacation-rental-host spin on the five methods Mood Media came up with.



Music playing upon guests’ arrival can get them to embrace your vacation rental right off the bat. However, it is essential you play the right type of music.

Hotels play music based on what their brand is, and even hire licensed music providers to help. Your situation is a little different, so don’t worry about hiring someone to advise you on which music to play, but remember your vacation rental is a brand. Therefore, you should know its identity before deciding on a playlist: do they come to enjoy a wellness retreat, or are they there for a family vacation?

Play what’s appropriate, and be certain your sound system is reliable.



Hotels utilize how visual humans are by using digital signage, which allows them to update their messaging without having to depend on a third party. While efficient for large hotel corporations, that may not be the best route for you, but you can take something from this.

Dedicating time to make and post signs in your vacation rental can personalize the guest experience and inspire them to come back. Some sign ideas are:

●     Welcome message with the names of your guests

●     List activities they can do in the area

●     Let them know there are fresh herbs they can cook with

If you need help making these, contact a local printing company in your rental’s area.


Scent Marketing

Smells influence both our memories and emotions so much, they can make your guests associate a certain smell with staying at your rental property.

When it comes to your rental’s scent, consider its brand. If your place is by the ocean, get fragrances that will allow them to feel like they’re at the beach, or if it is in the forest, look for pine-scented ones.

Then when guests smell these scents after their trip, it will remind them they had a great time vacationing at your property and want to book another stay.

Photo by Monstera from Pexels

Your Messaging

Messaging in hotel-speak refers to what guests hear while they’re on hold, such as music or a voice telling them about all the amenities. This isn’t something you need to do, but you should recognize what this goes back to: communication.

Guests want their communication with their host to go smoothly, and it’s important you deliver that on these fronts:

●     Before they decide to book, make sure to answer their questions in a timely manner.

●     Prior to them checking in, provide clear instructions on how to enter the property.

●     During their stay, make yourself available in case they need assistance or have questions.

These details matter because when it comes time for these guests to take another vacation, they’ll want to return to the place with the super responsive host.


Quality AV Systems

Hotels need audiovisual (AV) systems that can stay on for 24 hours, but your property doesn’t. It simply needs a quality AV system where guests will relax and enjoy watching a movie or a game, and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Affordable options for all areas of the country are available here, including help with install and ways to finance it.


Sense a Busier Calendar

Appealing to guests’ senses is an effective way to make your vacation property stick out to them and enhance the guest experience so much, they’ll be counting down the days until they can return.