5 Tips To Stress Free Travel For Guests

5 Tips To Stress Free Travel For Guests

Is Stress Free Travel Possible?

Despite any of your past experiences or horror stories guests might have told you about, yes, stress free travel is possible.

It’s simply a matter of knowing how to do it right!

With the holidays in full swing, Modern Innkeeper knows your guests are doing everything they can to start celebrating and get vacation started, and we want you to be able to let them know how they can make it easier for themselves and their entire family.

Help by letting them know about the following five tips so they can arrive at your vacation rental happier.


Pack Essentials in the Carry-On

Nothing is more frustrating than realizing you need something, and then remembering it is in the bag you checked in that is now in the plane’s darkest depths.

You know the feeling, but your guests do not have to.

One of the biggest mistakes travelers make is not doing an inventory check of what they will need while traveling versus what they will need once they arrive at their destination. A simple reminder letting guests know to keep their essentials handy goes a long way.

Since the pandemic, traveling by car is becoming more popular, so your guests may be arriving this way even if they are one or two states away. While they will not have a “carry on,” they will have some bags more accessible than others.

Remind guests driving to keep their most important items in those so they do not have to pull over in the middle of nowhere and dig through the pile of luggage in the trunk.


Use Bag Tags

This tip may seem obvious, but that does not make it any less important. At least one bag goes missing or gets delayed on every flight, and a simple bag tag with a name and phone number makes retrieving it that much easier.

While this is primarily for travelers who are flying, guests who get to your property by car could use it, too, in case they leave their bag somewhere along the way, such as another rental, or at your property.

With a bag tag, you will know exactly who it belongs to!


Know What’s Needed vs. What’s Not

This is your time to shine because guests will only know what they will need versus what they will not if the host communicates!

You most likely already have items like a hair dryer and other essential amenities, but you will need to provide your guests a full list of what your vacation rental comes with.

That way, they will be able to pack smarter.

Here is a hint: the more you have, the better your guests’ vacation will be.


Prepare for the Weather

Always assume your guests have never been to your vacation rental destination; therefore, they do not know what to wear!

Sure, they can look it up, but hearing it from someone who knows it well is reassuring and better indicates what they can expect. Maybe your city or town is in a colder part of the country, but, because the sun will be out, those parkas they thought they needed are not actually necessary.

Informing them what the forecast will be like enables them to pack more efficiently, and, of course, puts you on the path of being the best host they have ever had.


Have a Plan

Getting from point A to point B is easier said than done, especially with a family, but when everyone knows what is in store for them upon arrival, it is less stressful. This is why the final tip on this list is to help your guests formulate a plan for their trip.

Guests will be less stressed traveling if you:

●     Help book a local guide

●     Recommend local places to eat

●     Give them daytime activities to look forward to

Whatever you can do to assist them in having an itinerary will enhance their vacation and lessen the burdens traveling often comes with.


The Experience Starts Before They Arrive

The Art of Hosting’s goal is to empower you to create a superior guest experience for all the travelers who have the pleasure of staying at your vacation rental.

Even if your property has everything guests need to have a phenomenal time, traveling is still a stressful process.

So, if you can make it a little easier for them, you will accomplish what no other host has.

Except for the ones also reading this blog.