5 Shower Mats That Keep Guests Safe

5 Shower Mats That Keep Guests Safe

Best Shower Mats to Ensure Guest Safety

What would truly be a shame is if a guest who is looking forward to a lovely getaway at your nearly fully-equipped vacation rental slips and falls while showering.

This unfortunate person suffers an injury and requires medical attention, forced to pay a visit to the local hospital (you included this information in the personal letter).

This person will not endure long-term ailments, but after waiting a couple hours just to see a doctor, your guest receives stitches and learns the rest of vacation will consist of doing absolutely nothing while the rest of the group proceeds to explore your rental’s charming destination.

All because you failed to invest in a shower mat.

Yes, a shower mat would have prevented this catastrophe, but luckily, this is all hypothetical!

You still have an opportunity to prevent any freak accidents from ruining any trips (and potential lawsuits) by making sure you get your vacation rental the best shower mat available.

*Modern Innkeeper is aware some of them have “Bath” or “Bathtub” in the name, but they still apply to showers!


Gorilla Grip Bath and Shower Mat

The Gorilla Grip Bath and Shower Mat reigns supreme in the world of the best shower mats.

What makes this particular shower mat so effective is its adhesive is dependable both on the side guests’ feet stand on, and the side that grips to the shower floor.

Proof it possesses quality adhesive is the suction did not deteriorate after being washed four times, according to this article.

That is why the Gorilla Grip Bath and Shower Mat is an excellent choice.


How Much Does it Cost?

$31.99 here.


Yimobra Original Bathtub Mat

With 260 large suction cups, the Yimobra Original Bathtub Mat is not going anywhere once it is properly secured on your rental’s shower floor. All you have to do to stick it in place is be certain you are laying it on a clean surface, because if not, it will eventually slide off, which defeats the purpose.

Another benefit of this mat is it has 240 holes that drain water in order to keep the mat dry and clean, and even though it is machine washable, it is nice to know the mat does its part.

If your vacation rental has a larger shower, this 34.5-inch by 15.5-inch mat is calling your name!


How Much Does it Cost?

Amazon sells it for $12.99.


Epica Anti-Slip Bath Mat

Aside from having an awesome name, the Epica Anti-Slip Bath Mat has other benefits that suit your vacation property:

●     Comes in neutral colors that match any bathroom

●     Maintains its soft texture and withstands frequent usage because it is built with rubber

●     Prevents stains and odors from accumulating because of its color and material

●     Guarantees a sturdy shower for guests with its “optimal suction-cup spacing”

What is more fun than decorating your vacation rental’s bathroom with a go-with-the-flow and safe shower mat?

Nothing, obviously.


How Much Does it Cost?

You can buy one for $12.99.


Symple Stuff Non-Slip Shower Mat

As long as your shower floor does not have a special texture, the Symple Stuff Non-Slip Shower Mat is a great option, especially if you like colors! Aside from clear, it comes in:

●     Blue

●     Gray

●     Green

●     Light Blue

●     Light Green

●     Red

●     Solid Black

●     Tan

●     Translucent Black

●     White

Talk about variety!

Its suction cups grip the whole length of the shower’s surface to prevent guests from slipping, and even covers 30 percent more space than an average shower mat does.

So think of it as your guests have 30 percent less of a chance to fall and hurt themselves.

That sounds better.

You can run it through the wash after your guests leave, but be sure to air dry it.


How Much Does it Cost?

It is on sale for $13.99 on Wayfair!


House of Teak Shower Mat

Having provided you with four dependable, more traditional options, the fifth one we are going to recommend is in a separate category.

The House of Teak Shower Mat is made of handcrafted teak, a type of wood. The material comes from an entirely sustainable plantation, which fits the popular trend of keeping the interior of your vacation rental eco-friendly.

If you are asking, “Won’t it get moldy?” you will be pleasantly surprised it is mold and mildew resistant!

Another distinct attribute of this shower mat is it can go outside and inside, so if you are fortunate enough to have an outdoor shower, now you know of a stylish mat you can put out there!


How Much Does it Cost?

$54.50 on Amazon, so a bit of a splurge, but hey, your guests deserve the best!


Protect Your Guests

Travelers are adventurous, unafraid to take risks and explore the unknown, which is why you as their host need to protect them.

You cannot be there every step of the way, but you can make sure they remain upright and uninjured in the shower, so purchase one of these quality shower mats for your vacation rental before your next group arrives.