5 Herbs To Grow On Your Property

5 Herbs To Grow On Your Property

Simple Herbs Guests Will Enjoy

As of late, Modern Innkeeper has been playing in the garden and designing Japanese Zen gardens, but neither is a garden’s primary purpose: growing plants.

Tending to a garden with tough-to-grow plants like orchids requires a significant amount of time and energy, but a simple herb garden is quite manageable.

Growing simple herbs is straightforward and does not require you to be an expert planter. Plus, it provides guests with fresh ingredients to cook with and another memory they will have vacationing at your property.

Additional space is one of the reasons travelers elect rentals over hotels, so make the most of it by planting an herb garden.



Aside from being one of the easiest plants to grow, sage is great for a vacation rental because it is popular during the holidays (used in stuffing for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner). So, when you have guests during the holidays, make them aware they need one less ingredient from the store.

Sage is potent, too, so one plant will go a long way.


What Sage Needs

Six to eight hours of direct sunlight every day and being planted in well-drained soil will make your garden’s sage happy and healthy.



Parsley made a name for itself by enhancing a dish’s visual appeal (curly leaf parsley), but it also adds flavor (Italian parsley). Odds are, your guests will not know the difference, so do not take it personally if they use Italian parsley to decorate their plates or curly leaf parsley for taste.

It is not like you spent hours in the blistering sun tending to it.


What Parsley Needs

Parsley can grow both in a partially shaded or sun-exposed area of your garden. Just make sure the soil is rich and slightly damp.



Oregano grown outside is a perennial plant that returns in the spring (perennial plant: blooms one season a year for three to five years). This means all the guests in that timespan can pick leaves off the same plant!

Supplying guests with an oregano plant to utilize for their creations in your backyard pizza oven will make your property the place to vacation.


What Oregano Needs

Set this plant up in a sunny spot in light soil to get the most out of those three to five years!



Did you know there are more than seven thousand varieties of mint?

Thankfully, guests do not either (planting either peppermint or spearmint will suffice).

Mint’s scent is extremely distinct, which benefits your rental because smells can create memories. If guests smell your garden’s mint throughout their stay, each time they smell it after they will remember the amazing time they had at your place, and may book another trip.

Not to mention, adding mint to a cocktail is refreshing, too.


What Mint Needs

Mint will grow in the sun or partially in the shade, but be strategic when planting it because mint likes to take up room. A way to prevent it from disrupting other herbs is by planting it in a pot, effectively containing its roots.



Basil is dynamic because it enhances a multitude of dishes. Similar to oregano, basil would be a great addition if your property boasts a pizza oven, and it also works in:

●     Eggs

●     Pasta

●     Cocktails

●     Salads

●     Soups

●     Sauces

●     Ice cream topping

As long as your guests eat during their stay, they will have a use for basil.


What Basil Needs

Plant basil in the spring (try for March) so it can thrive for guests vacationing there during the summer, and remember to position it under the sun!


Planting the Seeds

Take advantage of space by providing all of the amenities possible, including fresh herbs, to ensure guests enjoy a memorable vacation.


Read this guide to learn how to start growing your simple herb garden.