5 Best Outdoor Blankets For Summer

5 Best Outdoor Blankets For Summer

Stay Cozy This Summer

Maybe the truest cliche out there is that those endless summer nights are the best type of nights.

Even when the sun finally does go down, nightfall does not bring with it those chilly temperatures the other seasons do.

Truly, there is nothing better, so shouldn’t your guests get to enjoy these warm summer nights, too?

If your vacation rental boasts an outdoor area, your guests will want to utilize it as often as possible. This is why you need to provide them with the best outdoor blankets available so they can continue creating memories from when the sun rises until, maybe if, they finally fall asleep.

Modern Innkeeper listed some favorites that will leave you feeling certain your guests will have what they need to take advantage of those perfect summer nights.


L.L. Bean Waterproof Outdoor Blanket

How dynamic this L.L. Bean blanket is constitutes it as a must-have for your vacation rental. Plus, it is super easy to pack, which means it can accompany guests during their adventures outside of the property.

Its fleece interior guarantees travelers will be comfortable whether they are laying on it while gazing up at the stars in the backyard or sitting on it at a nearby beach to hear the waves crash down at night.

A perk for you is it is machine-washable, so kindly ask your guests to throw it in the washer before they leave or, if you are so inclined, handle it yourself!

Get one for your vacation rental for $59.


Patagonia Macro Puff Quilt

The Patagonia quilt is functional for guests who will be out there exploring after sunset, maybe with their tour guide you helped them find. How compact it gets simplifies packing it for excursions, and its water-resistant shell on the outside ensures the inside will remain warm and dry no matter what.

This one is specific for guests who are more adventurous, but it will also work sprawled out in the backyard around a campfire!

More proof this quilt has a specialty is its price: $249.

If you know your guests will get your money's worth, shop for one here!


Rumpl Original Puffy Outdoor Blanket

Arguably the blanket with the coolest name on this list, the Rumpl blanket also may be the most guest-friendly because they:

●     Travel easily

●     Come in different sizes

●     Fight stains

●     Insulate heat

Rumpl’s Outdoor Blanket consists of 100 percent recycled polyester fabric, so you can feel good about helping out Mother Nature while your guests appreciate her!

The one-person size costs $99, and the two-person size costs $199. Find out which one your vacation rental needs here.


Kelty Bestie Blanket

The Kelty Bestie Blanket. It just sounds like a blanket you want to bring with you everywhere you go, right?

Coming in at least four different colors and designs, Kelty allows you to pick out something fun for your guests to enjoy summer evenings with!

The brand also claims it constructs its blankets with durable material meant to stand the test of time, which makes this a smart buy for you, especially since it is only $29.95!


ChappyWrap Blanket

ChappyWrap, how phenomenal is that?

(Rumpl now has some competition for the nonexistent “Best Name For A Blanket” award)

As if the name was not enough to sell you, ChappyWrap blankets have dinosaurs, ice cream (which guests love) and other unique designs you do not always expect to see in the closet at a vacation rental.

Machine-washing and drying them is no problem because they will not:

●     Pill

●     Shrink

●     Fade

You can thank ChappyWrap for providing guests with something fun and unexpected to remember about their stay!

Check out the brand’s site to shop various styles!


Wrapped Up in Summer

With normality returning to the world this summer, people are back to traveling more than they have in almost 18 months, and they want to get the most out of their first summer back exploring the world!

By supplying your guests with one or more of these outdoor blankets, they will be able to make the most out of their travels this season!