5 Interior Design Shows To Inspire Hosts

5 Interior Design Shows To Inspire Hosts

5 Best Interior Design Shows to Inspire Hosts

Interior decorating. While some people are less enthusiastic about it than others, everyone can agree it is essential for vacation rentals. Failing to do so has many consequences: unappealing pictures on your rental’s posting; guests will feel unwelcome upon arrival; the chances of receiving a stellar review diminish. While Modern Innkeeper has insight about interior decorating all over The Art of Hosting blog, we should also listen to the people who are good enough to do it for a living. In fact, they are so good they have their own shows flaunting their expertise. Here are the five best interior design shows that will inspire you on how to decorate your rental!


Amazing Spaces

Since the show’s inception in 2012, host George Clarke has exhibited people’s creativity in turning unconventional objects into something livable! While your vacation rental most likely is not formerly a caravan, Amazing Spaces is insightful because it sparks ideas when it comes to how to handle limited space. Like how we previously discussed the advantages rental hosts have over hotels when it comes to utilizing space, this show will encourage you to add to your rental’s uniqueness, ultimately providing travelers more of an incentive to book it for their next trip!


How to Watch

Stream it on Channel4: https://www.channel4.com/programmes/george-clarkes-amazing-spaces 


Fixer Upper

One of the most popular design shows of all time, Fixer Upper demonstrated how what appears to be a disaster can transform into a spectacular home. Husband-and-wife co-hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines take on, to the normal viewer, daunting projects, only to prove they can do anything with just a little bit of inspiration (and maybe some other resources, too)! If you are a host in the midst of taking on a remodel or are considering doing so, Fixer Upper is the show for you!


How to Watch

While the show’s five-season run with HGTV concluded in 2017, those episodes remain on:

Fixer Upper: Welcome Home premiered on Discovery+ in January 2021, so catch the new episodes there!


Flip or Flop

Unlike Chip and Joanna, Flip or Flop co-hosts Tarek and Christina El Moussa are no longer married, but like Chip and Joanna, their hit show is far from over! The now-divorced co-hosts purchase properties, sometimes without even seeing them, and proceed to gut and remodel them before putting the new-and-improved versions back on the market. Their projects are strenuous, and are most likely not what you are up against, but they prove how it is possible to make something out of nothing!


How to Watch

Flip or Flop’s 10th season will return to HGTV in late 2021, but in the meantime you can watch it on:

There are enough platforms to watch reruns on until the show is back in action!


Property Brothers

Jonathan and Drew Scott are identical twins who renovate fixer-uppers into desirable homes for families. Aside from it being entertaining television, the twins’ rivalry is evident on the show, their projects demonstrate what families are looking for. According to a survey we conducted, nearly 60 percent of travelers have children under 18 accompanying them, so it is important your rental is family-friendly.


How to Watch

Property Brothers began on HGTV, but now it is available on:

Watch the Scott twins inspire your family-oriented vacation rentals on any device!


Stay Here

The most relevant show for vacation rental owners is Stay Here. Designer Genevieve Gorder and real estate expert Peter Lorimer show short-term property owners like you how to evolve homes into desirable destinations travelers will gravitate towards. They share a knack for seeing the untapped potential their projects have, and their combined expertise allows them to turn their visions into reality. This alternate perspective may motivate you to see your rental property in a different light, and ultimately improve the guest experience.


How to Watch

Stream Stay Here on Netflix.


Design With Purpose

If you find yourself intrigued with the prospect of redesigning your rental but do not want to dedicate time to a new show, check out Apartment Therapy and House Beautiful for some additional inspiration online. After coming up with some new ideas from these shows and websites, all you need to decorate your vacation rental is hard work, vision, and enthusiasm. Since you would do anything for your guests, this shouldn’t be a problem!