4 Types Of Wine Openers For Guests

4 Types Of Wine Openers For Guests

Easiest Way to Open a Bottle of Wine for Guests

Count on guests opening at least one bottle of wine during their stay.

Whether it is to enjoy while cooking or winding down after the kids go to bed, they will find a reason to indulge, and where better to do that than in your beautiful rental!

Providing a bottle (for your adult guests over the age limit) when they arrive (your living-room-turned lobby is a good place to leave it) is the first step, but they need to get it open!

And doing so is not always as easy as we would like it to be.

Have you experienced the disappointment of having a bottle of wine but no wine opener?

Your guests do not deserve that pain.

The easiest way to open a bottle of wine starts with having access to a quality and easy-to-use bottle opener. Choose one of the four Modern Innkeeper recommends to keep the wine flowing at your vacation rental.


Waiter’s Corkscrew

Waiters and waitresses use a waiter’s corkscrew because storing it in their apron or pocket is easy.

As is keeping one in a kitchen drawer.

A waiter’s corkscrew occupies minimal space, and most wine drinkers are familiar with how it works. If they are not, they can look it up on YouTube.

Since some cost less than five dollars, purchasing more than one is smart. Travelers who open up multiple bottles of wine may happen to misplace the opener because, well, they opened up multiple bottles of wine.

This would ruin wine night for your next guests, except you are so prepared another waiter’s corkscrew remains safely put away!

Just hope the next group can keep better track of it.


Wing Corkscrew

Similar to the waiter’s corkscrew, using a wing corkscrew is common knowledge. Pushing the wings down requires a little more muscle, but your guests can handle it.

Plus, pouring oneself a glass of wine is a great incentive to activate the arm muscles.


Electric Wine Opener

Straying away from the classics here, an electric wine opener gets the job done. All guests have to do to get the party started is place it over the bottle and press a button.

Just like that, they have a bottle of wine to enjoy!

Because electric wine openers are not an everyday item, having one may attract travelers. Include it in your posting’s description in whichever section you deem appropriate.

Lastly, an electric wine opener has a key benefit for you: it is affordable.

This one is slightly over 20 dollars and can open up to 30 bottles on one charge!

So it will last multiple rounds of guests before needing some juice.

At least we hope.


Legacy Corkscrew

A legacy corkscrew is not for every vacation rental, but the investment is worth it if your guests are there to tour wineries, which indicates they are, at the very least, interested in wine.

If your property is somewhere known for wine, odds are that is what makes it a vacation destination, and knowing what guests came for provides you with a grand opportunity to enhance their experience!

Being rather large, a legacy corkscrew wine opener is part of the décor. This means it will be visible to guests and signify why they chose your rental’s destination: to drink wine.

Guests want to immerse themselves in their vacation experience, and the smallest of details, including which legacy corkscrew wine opener you have, influence this. Other steps you can take to turn them into wine enthusiasts are:

●     Recommend guides who will take them to the best tastings in town

●     Leave your favorite bottle of wine with a handwritten note stating why

●     Provide literature about your region’s wine history

●     List which restaurants and bars have the best wine selection

●     Inform them about the season’s must-have wines

Doing everything in your power to guarantee guests have an unforgettable experience may earn you some repeat visitors.


Last Call

All of the additional amenities your vacation rental has over hotels and other properties are why travelers choose to book it. Thank them for doing so by providing what they need to pour themselves a few.