4 Services That Enhance The Guest Experience

4 Services That Enhance The Guest Experience

Vacation Rental Services Guests will Appreciate

“Services matter in every industry, both as a direct source of value and as an enabler of value creation.”

A simpler way to phrase this quote from McKinsey & Company for our purposes is, “Services add value to your vacation rental.” The key takeaway for you, the host, is your job goes beyond providing guests a place to stay. How much they enjoy their trip starts with you, and your vacation rental services significantly impact this.

Like the business leaders in various industries making sure they’re offering their customers the right services, you, the business owner and host, should do the same for your guests.

Modern Innkeeper listed four services you can add or improve on to enhance your vacation rental’s guest experience.


Availability and Communication

The pandemic forced several processes to go virtual, and while many aspects of pre-COVID life are back, handling tasks virtually seems like it’s here to stay. This includes the simplest of interactions, like when you and your guests communicate.

Even though you may not have many, or any, face-to-face interactions with your guests, you still need to be available for them. Human engagement is an important part of having effective contactless service, so, make sure your guests know the best way to reach you, whether it’s through the booking platform, texting, etc.

Being available for your guests shows you care about their experience and can earn you a positive review after their trip.



Having a vacation rental with a subscription service offers your guests benefits they likely can’t enjoy at many other places (effectively making your vacation rental more desirable).

Including a rewards program for vacationing at your place enhances the guest experience and can motivate guests to come back for another trip. You can learn how to build your subscription model and get ideas on what to offer guests here.


Personalize the Guest Experience

Guests who end up subscribing to your vacation rental may bring a different group with them each time they visit. One trip might include the kids, while the next is a romantic getaway with their significant other.

The purpose of pointing this out is to say you need to prepare your vacation rental for different types of trips. One with young kids will include family-oriented activities like baking cakes, while a trip with just the parents will likely include more evenings enjoying a bottle of wine.

Showing your guests your vacation rental can deliver a memorable experience no matter who’s with them starts with you being able to personalize each trip to your guests’ wants and needs.


Safety and Security

Some guests think about their safety more than others when they travel, but no matter how much or how little your guests think about theirs, it’s likely they’ll appreciate you making sure they enjoy a safe vacation.

And this involves more than just having an alarm system. Certain things around your vacation rental may be harmful to your guests’ children, such as lighters or sharp knives. Giving your guests a heads up about items like these will show them you care they have a safe and pleasant stay. It also gives them an opportunity to prevent a disaster before it happens.

Read this blog to learn about more ways you can improve your guests’ safety and security at your vacation rental.


Services Can Make Your Vacation Rental More Appealing

Recent customer behavior tells us your guests will begin, if they haven’t already, to place a lot of value on the vacation rental services you can offer them. Doing so can enhance the guest experience and help your vacation rental become more appealing.