4 Luggage Racks That Defeat Bed Bugs

4 Luggage Racks That Defeat Bed Bugs

Best Luggage Racks For Your Vacation Rental

You are not the first person to ignore a luggage rack in a hotel room and set your suitcase somewhere on the floor. You probably will not be the last, either. Aside from being a place to store your luggage, luggage racks also promote cleanliness in the ongoing battle against bed bugs. These critters gravitate towards odors emitted by humans, and these odors are on our clothes in our suitcases on the ground, hence how they infiltrate our belongings and spread across the world. In case you haven’t already heard the news, the amount of bed bugs has surged in recent years! Scientists attribute this to cheap air travel, and even though more guests are arriving to their destinations by car, the bed bugs have already made their presence known. We must do everything we can to get rid of them! Do your part and provide your guests with the best luggage racks on the market.


SONGMICS Luggage Rack

Able to hold up to 100 pounds of luggage and keep the bed bugs at bay, this SONGMICS Luggage Rack is a no-brainer! The aesthetics of luggage racks is a reason hosts hesitate to purchase one, but because this one is black it complements any interior design you choose. It is also foldable so if guests do not want to use or see it, they can stow it away in the closet during their stay.



$46.99 on Amazon.


Length: 26.9 inches

Width: 13.3 inches

Height: 22.6 inches


Winsome Wood Scarlett Luggage Rack

The Winsome Wood Scarlett Luggage Rack is dynamic because it comes in three different colors: cappuccino, walnut, and dark espresso. This makes it fit any ambiance. Guests can utilize the shelf on the bottom for an additional suitcase or shoes. Even though the bottom shelf is close to the ground, it is too high for those bed bugs to execute their plan of attack!



$52.99 - $239.99 on Amazon.


Length: 18.66 inches

Width: 26.54 inches

Height: 20 inches


Lipper International 502W Folding Luggage Rack with Shoe Rack

Aside from its awesome name that makes it sound like a futuristic rocket ship (until you read “folding luggage rack”), this Lipper is also super functional! Weighing only eight pounds and coming assembled, this luggage rack is white and also has a bottom rack for shoes or smaller suitcases.



$45.71 on Amazon.


Length: 22.9 inches

Width: 13.75 inches

Height: 27.5 inches


Whitmor Chrome Luggage Rack

The Whitmor’s chrome finish makes this luggage rack part of your vacation rental’s decor. Its non-skid plastic feet prevent it from damaging your floor, and it elevates guests’ suitcases high enough to stop the bed bug epidemic from worsening!



$36.97 on Amazon


Length: 14.88 inches

Width: 26.13 inches

Height: 21.13 inches


Remain Organized and Clean

Selecting the best luggage rack for your vacation rental may not be as extensive of a process as this blog makes it out to be, but Modern Innkeeper wants you to have your options in the fight against bed bugs. Perhaps leaving a handwritten note on the luggage rack to let travelers know their purposes will encourage them to use it, and they will also appreciate how you went the extra mile to ensure they are going home without any creepy crawlers on their clothes!