4 Health Benefits Of A Hammock

4 Health Benefits Of A Hammock

Hammocks Boost Guests’ Health

Hanging a hammock increases the likelihood travelers will book your rental property. When they see it in your posting’s pictures, they can better visualize how they would spend their vacation. This puts them a step closer towards making a reservation!

Beyond that lies several other benefits guests will appreciate!

As people become more educated on healthier lifestyles and figure out how to improve theirs, they are determining ways to implement healthy practices into all aspects of their lives. Travelers keep this in mind when choosing vacation destinations, favoring ones that will help undo the stressors that come with day-to-day life.

Continue reading to learn about the health benefits of a hammock before hanging one on your property.


Reduces Stress

Here is an appalling stat: close to 80 percent of Americans experience stress at least one day a week, and 15 percent feel it every day, according to ValuePenguin.

The same report determined women are more stressed than men, which is relevant information because Modern Innkeeper found women are more likely to rent a vacation rental than men; therefore, at least one of your guests is likely to be experiencing stress regularly.

Ridding themselves of stress is what often motivates people to seek a vacation. You can assist them in accomplishing this by providing a hammock.

How easy is that!

The natural swaying motion lowers blood pressure and stress levels in the body, making it the perfect escape for guests in need of some mental and physical relaxation.


Improves Sleep

Also because of the swaying motion, hammocks enter their occupants in the deepest depths of REM and enable them to wake up more energized so they can get the most out of their time before exploring their surroundings.

How a hammock molds to one’s body provides the necessary support to maximize the benefits of sleep.


Enhances Focus

Improved sleep results in enhanced focus, so this benefit is sort of obvious. With that being said, it is important to acknowledge because a large portion of the workforce is working from home in 2021. As this trend gains more traction, travelers are beginning to take their work with them on vacation.

Knowing your guests might not be in full “vacation mode” during their stay, set up a hammock to help establish an atmosphere conducive to a productive working environment!


Helps Mood

Hammocks increasing one’s mood is actually a result of a physical benefit: stimulating the vestibular system.

You know, the part of the inner ear in charge of keeping you balanced and oriented in space.

It does this by transmitting information about the body’s position and movement to the eyes and brain.

“So, how does a hammock manage this?”

A hammock’s sway kicks our vestibular system into gear, and since the vestibular system releases dopamine to our brain, a happy chemical inside us, guests leave happier than they came!

This might motivate you to get one for your own home, too.


Improved State of Mind, More Enjoyable Vacation

Crafting a special, more personal guest experience is one of the greatest opportunities we have in our industry. Make the most of it by catering your vacation rental to all of your guests’ needs and solidify the time spent at your property as a fond memory.

All this with one simple hammock!