3 Vacation Rental Industry Associations Benefiting Hosts

3 Vacation Rental Industry Associations Benefiting Hosts

Utilizing Vacation Rental Associations

The Internet is a powerful tool because it provides an unlimited amount of resources we can utilize to our advantage. Answers to all of your questions are at your disposal by simply opening up a browser on your smart phone and typing them in a search engine, but because of the plethora of information readily available at our fingertips, narrowing down what is viable versus what is not has the potential to be overwhelming and, at times, contradicting. To know which sources to focus on and which to ignore, Modern Innkeeper compiled its go-tos so you can identify which vacation rental associations will best enable you to continue improving your hosting practices!


1 - Vacation Rental Management Association

The Vacation Rental Management Association, VRMA, is an organization consisting of over 800 member companies. The resources available to members make it possible for them to continuously improve their business and elevate the guest experience.


How it Works

In order to equip hosts with the knowledge they need to continue thriving, VRMA provides:

  • Professional development opportunities

  • “Best-in-class” education

  • Networking

Based on relationships and data collected from around the world, VRMA provides its members with the necessary tools to evolve their businesses. In total, the association’s members manage more than 100,000 properties in 23 countries.


Becoming a Member

Before joining VRMA, it is important to know which of its five member categories you fall under:

  • Manager

  • Start-up Manager

  • Supplier/Vendor

  • Associate

  • VRHP

To learn more details about each one, click here and consider joining today!



Modern Innkeeper is proud to say it is one of VRMA’s Supplier Partners, which indicates the association screened our brand and labeled it a trusted supplier of guest amenities! When you click this link you will be able to search for us to see our contact information and learn more about our products.


2 - Association for Short-Term Rental Homeowners

If initially paying to join a vacation rental industry association is not in your budget, the Association for Short-Term Rental Homeowners, ASTRHO, may be the one for you. 


Who are its Members?

Its entire network consists of like-minded short-term rental homeowners who are:

  • Individuals mulling over investing in a short-term rental or vacation property.

  • Hosts already managing a short-term rental or vacation property.

  • People in the process of choosing a property or hospitality management company.

If you fit one of these three criteria, ASTRHO’s platform is incredibly useful for your business!


What Does ASTRHO Offer?

ASTRHO has two membership tiers: free and $10 a month. Depending on your specific situation, one may prove to be more beneficial than the other.


Free Membership

If you elect to sign up at no cost, you will have access to:

  • A protected community

  • Live courses

  • A network of peers

All three of these benefits empower you to create new ideas for your business and discover solutions for existing problems you are up against.


$10 a Month

When you pay this monthly fee, ASTRHO grants access to its Premier Hosts group, where you can apply member discounts on supplies, such as linens, and acquire past course materials the free membership does not include. Since ASTRHO classifies itself as a not-for-profit association, its paying members contributions go towards:

  • Basic resources

  • Technology solutions

  • Supporting creation of industry foundations

Learn more about how this membership can significantly pay off here!


3 - Vacation Rental Association

People who own and operate vacation rentals started the Vacation Rental Association, VRAI, instilling confidence members are joining an organization that not only understands their needs, but can provide them with solutions, too. 


VRAI’s Purpose

As stated on the website, VRAI’s goal is to “foster and grow the industry by providing information, standards, tools and support.” It congregates hosts and those alike to collaborate and spark solution-oriented ideas for the benefit of all its members.


Expanding Your Reach

Aside from working alongside other hosts, VRAI makes your vacation rental property more visible to travelers by posting it on vacationrentalcentral.com. Being featured on this site is advantageous because it indicates VRAI validated the quality of your rental property and the only properties on the site are ones owned by members of the association, effectively minimizing your competition, especially if you are one of the few hosts in your area! To join this not-for-profit group, click here and discover how VRAI can boost your business!


Associate with the Best

Vacation rental associations exist to assist you in running a top-notch rental property all guests will enjoy vacationing at. Conduct some research on your own to find out which one of these is the best fit for you, and begin reaping the benefits immediately!