3 Key Attributes Of A Hotelier

3 Key Attributes Of A Hotelier

First, What is a Hotelier?

As a vacation rental owner, this is most likely not something you hear everyday, but having the answer to the question “What is a hotelier?” is important in order to become the best host you can be.

A hotelier is “someone who owns or manages a hotel.” Since you own and run a vacation property, replace “hotel” with “vacation rental”!

Not overly complicated, right?

To provide your guests with the best vacation experience, you must identify and hone your hosting skills.  

For instance, Modern Innkeeper identified its role in the hosting industry and constantly works on improving its craft to provide hosts with top-notch amenities.

Once you learn about the three essential attributes that make a successful vacation rental-version hotelier, you will form a better idea of who you are as a host, and how you can evolve as one, too.


Become Someone People Enjoy Interacting With

Throughout the years you have probably heard how vital of a skill successfully communicating with people is. 

When it comes to hosting, this is no different.

Even though you may not ever meet your guests in person, they must feel your communication is genuine, and it must be effective. 

What we mean by it being genuine is demonstrating you truly care about their experience. Leading up to the trip, you should lay out all of the necessary details, such as how they can enter your vacation property, recommending fun activities, such as teaming up with a local guide, and even wishing them a safe trip.

It is likely most of your communication with your guests will be in writing, but they can still feel your sincerity, or lack thereof, through it.

Ineffective communication may be well-intended and kind, but it can frustrate your guests and leave a bad taste in their mouths.

We will pretend this is a message you are sending to Bill explaining where to park and how to enter your rental:

“Hey Bill, I’m super excited to host you and your family this week! When you arrive, park in the correct parking space, and use the key I left to get in.

Have an awesome time!”

Okay, so you mean well, but now Bill is wondering where the correct parking space is and the location of the key.

Ensure your communication is transparent so all aspects of your guests’ vacation runs smoothly.


Embrace Being Versatile

To be a quality hotelier of a hotel, one must be capable of managing a diverse team. Some team members are handy and can fix anything that breaks, while others are experts at dealing with guests.

To be a quality Modern Innkeeper-version hotelier, it is crucial you remain calm, cool and collected when presented with any situation.

Between stays you may have to be a handyman, and then flip a switch and become an interior decorator.

You will also have to serve as your guests’ personal concierge and local foodie.

Your vacation rental’s appearance (the design, cleanliness, how equipped it is with amenities, etc.), and the guest experience is a reflection of you. Dedicate the proper amount of time to becoming an all-in-one host guests want to leave glowing reviews for.


Stay Current With Trends

“Oh this would have been cute back in the nineties” is not what you want your guests to say when they walk in your vacation property!

Having the wherewithal to update your rental as needed illustrates you care about it and work hard toward creating a one-of-a-kind experience for your guests.

Please note decorating is not the only trend you must keep up with. 

Another one is technology. Pay attention to your WiFi setup so guests can access the Internet seamlessly, and please, do not tell them you only have an Ethernet cable for their laptops.

Another piece of technology that has recently evolved is a home thermostat. Guests can connect to various types using their smart devices; a list of them can be found here.


The Guest Experience is a Reflection of You

You may employ a cleaning service or an experienced contractor for bigger projects around your property, but your guests do not consider this when they evaluate their time at your vacation rental. 

In their minds, the only person who has a role in it is you. Take pride in this, and exhibit how much you want your guests to relish in their time at your vacation property.