3 Cakes for Guests' Children

3 Cakes for Guests' Children

Kids Love Cake Kits

It is well-documented guests will more likely than not have their children with them on vacation, which is why Modern Innkeeper places so much importance on your vacation rental being kid friendly. Most of what we have recommended you do to keep the little ones occupied pertains to outdoor activities, like playing games in the garden, but now we’re entering holiday season.

This means guests will be spending more time indoors, but their children will not be any less restless, so you will have to keep them entertained inside.

That is why we picked out three of our favorite cake kits for your guests to keep their children busy with (at least for a portion of the trip).

Continue reading to decide which is best for your guests’ children!


Santa Loves Cake, too

Everyone knows Santa Claus loves cookies, but did you also know he loves cake?

We cannot actually confirm this, but we cannot deny it either.

But what we can confirm is that your guests’ kids can bake a Santa Claus cake!

So, even if they don’t catch Santa Claus in the act, they will get the next best thing: his face on a cake.

For someone who comes over and eats all the cookies every year, the least he can do is bring over a cake.

If you do not believe your guests will be celebrating Christmas, then check out the next two options that are appropriate for the time of year, but not specific for a holiday.


Candy and Cake in One

This Candy Corn Drip cake ignores the saying “too much of a good thing” and shamelessly combines candy and cake into one scrumptious dessert.

A plus about this cake is it is festive for the holiday season without being tied to one in particular. Sure, kids eat candy corn on Halloween (not actually a holiday, but you get the point), but candy corn is by no means restricted to that day.

This cake, primarily orange and yellow, will help your guests and their children embrace fall, making it a good option for all of November and most of December. Plus, its chocolate drip makes it look so mouthwatering, they will not really care what season it is.

Finding out which holidays your guests are celebrating, or even if they will celebrate them, isn’t always doable, which is why we included the final cake kit on this list.


Everyone Wants Puppy Love

The Puppy Love cake is the option all guests and their children will love, no matter which holiday they are celebrating or what time of year they are vacationing at your rental.

Why is this?

Because everyone loves dessert and puppies, so when you combine both, you become one of the greatest hosts of all time.

If you decorated your vacation rental for the holidays, getting a cake kit that matches is the right move, but if you just want to make sure your guests can relax and get a break from their children, get a Puppy Love cake.

The only thing that can top this is a real puppy, and we can’t be sure your guests will appreciate that gesture, no matter how adorable it is.