10 Tech Trends Impacting Travel

10 Tech Trends Impacting Travel

How Tech in Travel Affects Your Business

The travel industry had to adapt to the unforeseen obstacles that came with the pandemic by allowing technology to play a larger role in the guest experience.

PhocusWire listed 10 ways tech in travel is impacting hotels, and so you can keep up with these changes, Modern Innkeeper came up with some ways to make sure your vacation rental stays with the times.


Omnichannel Check-In Experience

This means hotel guests would rather check in using an app rather than in the lobby, something your guests already do not have to do.

Since no one will be there to assist your guests, you must make sure the check-in instructions are crystal clear, as this needs to be an easy process.

Just double check the instructions are not only in your welcome letter because that would be counterproductive.


Automation Enhances the Guest Experience

It is much easier for a hotel corporation to automate processes around its property than a vacation rental host, so do not worry about doing so. However, you can provide your guests clear guidelines so if they do encounter any problems (electricity, appliances, etc.), they know exactly who to call and do not have to worry about it for long.


No More Traditional Lobby

Instead of having a traditional lobby, you have a living room lobby. Do everything you can to make it welcoming and get your guests’ vacation off to a great start.


Contactless Check-In with Mobile Wallets

In simple terms, this means guests want a key on their mobile devices instead of carrying one. To fulfill this, you can buy a keypad lock for your property and reset the code before and after each stay.

Just make sure to give them the code before check-in!


In-Lobby Kiosks

Guests want this because self-service options are in, but this doesn’t really fit in a vacation rental. What you can do, though, is provide them with plenty of resources in your living room lobby, like pamphlets on local tour guides or fun facts about herbs you grow on your property.


The Do-it-All Front-Desk Agent

The “front-desk agent” at your vacation rental is you, so you have to be ready to serve all of your guests’ needs. They will depend on you to be the expert on your area and make sure everything in your property works as it should.


Less Contact with People, More Revenue

Hotel guests can make purchases on hotels’ apps, but for you, this means you can direct them to more local businesses, such as the best local delivery spots in the area.

What an easy way to support local business!


Get Work Done with Technology

With less workers on staff, hotels are turning to technology when they need work done, and you can do the same. If an app like TaskRabbit is available in your area, utilize it when needed.


Know Your Guests Better

Hotels have the power to see who their guests are by keeping track of a bunch of different metrics. Rather than doing that, you can see what they rave about in their reviews about your place. This will give you great insight as to what your guests value most about your vacation rental.


Travelers Want Things Digital

Whether they are staying at a hotel or your vacation rental, travelers want things digital, and by being accessible through the app of the platform your rental’s on, you can provide this.

So many resources your guests depend on are already on their devices, and now, so are you.


What Guests Want, Guests Get

Guests are really the ones who decide how things are in the travel industry, and as long as you pay attention to them, you will have a lot of happy travelers staying at your vacation rental for years to come.